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Tucson Festival of Books cancelled

We are sad to announce that the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books has been canceled. We know the Festival brings so much joy to many in our community as well as visitors from around the country. Unfortunately, we find… — Tucson Festival of Books (@TFOB) March 9, 2020   Tucson Festival of Books on […]

She had to, because he was a cop #mfrwhooks

via She had to, because he was a cop #mfrwhooks

Music Monday #MFRWauthor

Today’s post of heavenly music features the Faroe Islands Philharmonic Orchestra. Do you have any idea how astonishingly impressive that is? The Faroe Islands are one of the most remote, sparsely inhabited places in the western hemisphere. A mere 49,000 people are scattered over 779 subpolar islands. Faroe is 690 km from Iceland, which most […]

Music Monday MFRWauthor

I’d love to stumble across an artist like this while browsing through a mall. It would almost — almost — make going to the mall worthwhile.

Music Monday MFRWauthor

Music Monday MFRWauthor

Music Monday MFRWauthor

R.I.P Hal, the killer computer

I’d wager that most science fiction fans have seen the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film, 2001. I’d also wager that most of the viewers would agree on the movie’s most memorable character. It’s not this dude, heroic astronaut Dave Bowman: It’s Hal 9000, the Killer Computer! Why do I bring this up now? Because Hal recently […]

For Your Honor? #mfrwhooks

  In the near future, a duplicate of Vancouver Island has appeared off Washington State. The inhabitants are Kwadrans — Native Americans from a scientifically advanced alternate Earth. Their Earth was polluted, climate-changed, and nearly uninhabitable. Today’s hook picks up from last week’s. Duchess Opsie Beaverpaw has an unexpected guest — Elfy, a 14-year-old girl […]

Foreign Children

I usually eschew politics on this blog, but this resonates too powerfully for me not to share it.