After a week’s absence, I’m back for week 21 of the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. This week’s prompt is: A Childhood Memory My first thought was to write about the double date on which I met my wife-to-be (she was with the other guy), but I was sixteen, thus not truly a child. So let’s […]

I, Effing Feline, find today’s snippet inspiring. Invading an alien world … sigh.  My fur rises at the very idea.  I’m sure the invading spaceships in the snippet are being flown by fearsome felines. After all, everybody knows that George Lucas stole the idea for Star Wars from cats. Here’s the inspiring snippet from Ed’s […]

Judith Tarr (a fellow Tucsonan, I’m proud to say) recently posted a great article about female authors of science fiction, along with a slew of recommendations for writers you may not have discovered yet. Highly recommended! The TOR site has no ‘reblog’ option, so, I’ll give you a short taste along with a link. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> From […]

I, Effing Feline, want to honor my mummie. Problem is, I don’t really remember her. Based on the best evidence I have, though — namely her offspring, ME — I can extrapolate what she must look like.  Strong, noble, powerful, like so: Today, another snippet from Secrets of Love and War, Mr V’s current WIP. We’re continuing where […]

For week 19, the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour prompt is: The Ideal Romance Hero Well, I’m a guy, a straight guy, so by all rights I should excuse myself from this one. Nah. Since when has being unqualified ever kept me from having an opinion?  So here are two opinions, one facetious, one serious. 1. […]

I, Effing Feline, have recuperated from the trauma of seeing pictures of Willie (at right), a previous family cat. Turns out he was actually Ed’s daughter’s cat, who cohabited here because Beth still lived at home. That means I’m still #1, right? Ed wants me to switch to a new project. He says he “needs the […]

For week 18, the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour prompt is: What makes me laugh out loud The answer: not much.  I’m more of a chuckler than a guffawer. I chuckle a lot, mind you, because people can be pretty darned amusing, whether intentionally or not.  But laugh? While I laughed out loud at […]

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s showcase. Once a month, the brigade’s authors highlight snippets from new works, WIPs, cover reveals or other fun things. This month, I’m featuring a personal favorite SFR from my backlist: The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. I prefer good people to tough guys, and this book has the best […]

I, Effing Feline, saw some pictures today of a previous family cat, Willie. He was a handsome black and white feline, large, disdainful, and masculine (though ‘fixed’). Yet I find the pics profoundly disturbing.  There was a cat before me? There will be cats after me? My mind rebels against the utter absurdity of time and […]

For this week, the Marketing for Romance Writers blog tour prompt is: Top Five Places I’d Like to Visit At last, an easy topic! Uh, hold on a minute. Only five? 1 – Places with my children I visit these once a year if I can, yet they’re number one on my list. Total distance […]