Great books by: Susan Grant Aurora Springer Jessica Subject S.M Schmitz Liza O’Connor Jolie Mason Sabine Priestly Diane Burton Veronica Scott and many more! Last but not least, Ed Hoornaert’s newest release, Newborn, is on special for only 99c during the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s special promotion. Check it out — and lots of other great […]

I, Effing Feline, have orders from my pet human, Ed Hoornaert, to show some of the romance in Newborn, Mr V’s newest science fiction romance.  Personally I loved last week’s excerpt, about the salmon run.  The thought of all those fish was enough to make me swoon. But he who buys the cat food picks the tune, […]

I, Effing Feline, am looking forward to the U.S. Thanksgiving next Thursday. I can’t wait for that first bite of mince-mouse pie! But my pet human Ed, aka Mr Valentine, insists that the holiday is a time for giving thanks for our blessings, so here goes. I’m thankful for: Being a cat. Twiggles the Dog. More specifically, […]

I, Effing Feline, must apologize. Not that I’m at fault, of course.  Mr. V is. Several weeks ago, Ed Hoornaert (i.e., Mr V) had me write “Since Sunday’s a travel day, Mr. V will be late getting to your posts. But he’ll get there!” Unfortunately, that was a lie. Instead, after taking two days, not one, […]

I, Effing Feline, have a lot in common with Jo Beaverpaw, the heroine of Newborn, Mr V’s newest science fiction romance.  You see, although Jo is injured and spends the first half of the book recuperating, she heals superfast.  Not only that, she has superpowers that slowly emerge as she heals. As a member of […]

I, Effing Feline, am returning home. None too soon for poor Mr V.  In separate incidents, he wrenched his shoulder, whacked his head, picked up a debilitating virus, and then fell heavily.  I think Amsterdam hates him. Another excerpt today from Newborn, Mr V’s upcoming science fiction romance. Jo Beaverpaw was born alone in a forest moments, […]

I, Effing Feline, am dizzy with travel. After spending a week in Toronto we flew to London and from London to Amsterdam. As I write this, we’re in Bruges, Belgium, Mr V’s ancestral homeland and the best-preserved medieval city in Europe. WTF?  We spent hours inside rattling tin cans for this? From a cat’s POV, rooms here are just […]

I, Effing Feline, am in Toronto, where it’s cold. Mr Valentine’s son says it isn’t cold yet — up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit one day — but I’m a Southern Arizona cat, and anything under 90 is cold! Another excerpt today from Newborn, Mr V’s upcoming science fiction romance. Jo Beaverpaw was born alone in a forest moments […]

Effing Feline reporting from Toronto, where my pet human, Ed Hoornaert, has brought me inside his computer. Before we left home, Twiggles the dog tried to scare me by saying that the only pets allowed in Canada were wolves, killer whales, and cateaters, which Twiggles claimed were like yuge anteaters. She had me almost afraid to go. […]

I, Effing Feline, am leaving. I mean it! My pet human, Ed, is soon flying to visit two of his sons — and he’s taking me along.  We’re flying first to Toronto, in some place called Canada, and then Amsterdam in The Netherlands. He says that since I can travel inside his computer, I won’t […]