Picture It – Twiggles the Dog Judi and I have heard that black dogs in shelters have a hard time getting adopted in this modern era, partly because they don’t photograph as well. The surplus of poor black rescue dogs is one reason we deliberately chose our tailless schnoodle — schnauzer/poodle mix. Getting a decent […]

Another hook from Love thy Galactic Enemy, my September 9 SFR release. I’m still focusing on the alien pet — a mizzet. Such was the luxury afforded to the Farflung equivalent of a flophouse—luxury Lou could afford for only three more nights, assuming she lost her appetite. If her secret contact didn’t show up soon, […]

I, Effing Feline, learned today of a new creature I want to hunt. It’s called a frumious bandersnatch, though I’m not sure whether frumious is part of the creature’s name, or is an adjective as in “Genius Feline.” Either way, I’m gonna hunt it down then pounce and rip and tear and bite and glory […]

Last week I showed you the cover for Love thy Galactic Enemy, my September SFR release. Now I’m focusing on an alien pet — a mizzet. As dumb creatures went, mizzets were very dumb — but empathetic to human emotions, so surely this one sensed it wasn’t welcome. Although its tiny legs were capable of […]


I, Effing Feline, don’t understand humans. A million things large and small evade even my vast feline understanding. For example, beds. In today’s commercial for Love thy Galactic Enemy, when a guy enters the heroine’s communal room in the middle of the night, she leaps at him from the top bunk and knocks him out. […]

Picture It – A history lesson Tucson, Arizona is one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the United States — since about 1300. What was life like in the desert, 700 years ago? For one thing, root beer was really cheap: This sign was uncovered while refinishing a dwelling in the Barrio, the oldest […]

Last week I showed you the cover for Love thy Galactic Enemy, my September SFR release. Today I’m going to focus on an element that (I hope) adds human interest. Namely, an alien pet. My heroine is trapped on a city-sized enemy space station. She’s trying to avoid being noticed when she finds a small creature […]

Now for something completely different . . . My Alien Contact for Idiots series speculates about what sort of culture North American natives would have built if they weren’t overrun by Europeans. The books focus on the Kwakiutl tribe of Vancouver Island, whom I’m most familiar with. Today, a Kwakiutl song. The Kwakiutl Toogwid Song, […]

I, Effing Feline, saw the cover for Ed’s upcoming book, and let me tell you — whoopee ding dong doo. Who care? If there’s no cute pussy cat on the cover, I don’t give a mizzet’s ass* about Ed’s books. (Notice the cute little asterisk? It means there’s a footnote. I’ve never used one before […]