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Effing Feline has something in his eye

In my infinite wisdom, I, Effing Feline, chose another ten-sentences from Ed Hoornaert’s The Trial of Tompa Lee. It follows closely on last week’s snippet. Our lowly heroine, Tompa Lee, has been framed for terrorism on an alien planet, and Dante Roussel, a Space Navy policeman, was ordered to turn her over to cruel Shon justice. In this snippet, she […]

Book Tour: The Triumph of Tompa Lee

Mr. V has dipped his virtual toes into the virtual waters of book tours.  This tour promotes my most recent release, The Triumph of Tompa Lee.  A bunch of good stuff is going on, including reviews, excerpts, and an in-depth interview with my heroine, Tompa Lee herself.  I had to keep telling her to tone it down, […]

The Triumph of Tompa Lee — now available!

Tompa Lee finally gets her happily-ever-after Toss some confetti! Blow a trumpet fanfare! The Triumph of Tompa Lee is now available! Yes, my underdog heroine, who has been compared to Lisbeth Salander inthe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,  finally gets her happily-ever-after in this, the final book of The Trilogy of Tompa Lee. The Trouble with […]

Release Day! Tribulations of Tompa Lee

If you’re a writer, you know what the release day of The Trial of Tompa Lee (a science fiction novel packed with adventure, romance, and humor) means to Mr. Valentine.  If you aren’t a writer, think opening presents on Christmas. Or slipping the keys of your first car into the ignition for the very first time. […]

The SFR Brigade Presents (plus music that will leave you thunderstruck!)

Today, Mr. Valentine presents another instalment from his brand new novel, The Tribulations of Tompa Lee–and share some music he finds both enjoyable and hilarious. First, the writing! Tompa and a small band of war refugees are pursued by bloodthirsty alien Klicks as they race across Palla Pelly Park. Palla Pelly is this planet’s equivalent of […]

Agent Oboe Seven

Today, Mr. Valentine presents another instalment from the soon-to-be-released The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. Last week you read about Tompa’s meeting with an important alien visitor: a Detchvilli who has chosen the name Sir Charles for his dealings with humans. Detchvilli’s adore human music, and he has brought his woodwind quintet to the embassy in […]

A Touch of Futuristic Humor

Most everything Mr. Valentine writes includes touches of 1) love and 2) humor. The love element may provide a character’s motivation (it’s one of the most powerful human emotions, after all), or it may be the focus of the story, as in my early Silhouette romances. The humor element … well, it just keeps creeping […]

Celestial Fireworks Celebrate Mr. Valentine’s Upcoming Release

It’s an omen! Definitely, it’s an omen for Mr. Valentine’s upcoming release (scheduled for February 2014), The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. The Star of Bethlehem signaled Christ’s birth. According to one version of the story, a new star suddenly appeared and guided the wise me to Bethlehem. A nova or supernova? Other versions claim that […]

Using NaNo Technology to Craft Science Fiction

Well, I did  it. ‘It’ being completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge.  If you aren’t familiar with NaNoWriMo, it’s a worldwide program that challenges people to write 50,000 words of a novel during November.  Although 50k is a short novel (they’re usually at least 70k to 100k), it’s an ambitious goal, especially for a […]

The Next Big Thing

A bunch of writers are writing similar posts this weekend about the books we’re currently writing.  We’re all answering the same questions about our works-in-progress, so be sure to check out the links at the end of this post. Here are the ten questions we’re answering, along with my responses: What is your working title of […]