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Music Monday #MFRWauthor

Today’s post of heavenly music features the Faroe Islands Philharmonic Orchestra. Do you have any idea how astonishingly impressive that is? The Faroe Islands are one of the most remote, sparsely inhabited places in the western hemisphere. A mere 49,000 people are scattered over 779 subpolar islands. Faroe is 690 km from Iceland, which most […]


Tooting, but neither oboe nor London #mfrwauthor

Once again, here’s the Marketing for Romance Writers yearlong blog hop. For  week 46, the writing prompt is: Let Me Brag for a Minute This is a dangerous topic! My ego is, shall we say, well developed, and I’m somewhat prone to tooting my own horn. Of course, that’s only natural for an oboist, right? Whose […]

A Dream Message and Dreamy Music

The alarm on Mr. Valentine’s clock radio starts out quietly and gradually swells in volume. I never hear the alarm at first; it crescendos up to ‘LOUD’ before I hear it.  And then, of course, the radio has to hop over and hit me on the head a few times before I get up.  🙂 […]