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Effing Feline likes ice cream #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, like ice cream. Any kind of cream, really. Fresh cream, whipped cream, creme brulee. You see, I am a cat of refined taste. Furthermore, I eat ice cream with panache. Or with chocolate syrup. Always, I keep my feline dignity, unlike this puss, who breaks every rule in the “Cats are cool” handbook. […]

Maybe she should just walk away #mfrwhooks

I’m switching to a different book today. Yay! (Even though I couldn’t hear your shouts of joy, I’m sure you’re wildly excited. Right?) Rescuing Prince Charming is set in the near future. Native Americans from an alternate Earth have ‘hopped’ their entire island kingdom to our Earth to escape environmental collapse. They’re now the most […]

Effing Feline eats garlic #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, will never understand humans. Not that I want to, mind you. My pet human, Ed, mentioned that he’s been getting emails asking him to donate blood. In this cat’s opinion, he’s relatively sane, for a human. But why would any living creature part with its life’s blood? And what kind of monster […]

Effing Feline holds his nose #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, am holding my nose. That’s because I’m about to write about an unpleasant subject, one that I’ve avoided for months and months. Namely, the other animal in this house — Twiggles the Dog. I’ll try not to make fun of her, because poor Twiggles not only has no tail (!) she’s getting […]

A Mishmash #mfrwhooks

I’m feeling contrary today, so I’m going to mix things up today. Instead of continuing with snippets from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, I’m going to take a paragraph from the beginning of each of the six books in the Alien Contact for Idiots series and see what we end up […]

Effing Feline does his taxes #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, am working on my taxes, and it’s horrible. Why should I, a cat, have to pay income tax? Just because I work for Ed as a blogger? That hardly seems fair. Ed says I won’t have to pay anything more, and might get a refund, so oh boy, I’m hard at work. […]

Their savior and protector #mfrwhooks

In these snippets from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, Quinn is the antihero, a petty crook and conman masquerading as a Royal Guardian. He has led Marianne Harmon, the queen’s sister, to an old, abandoned town from before his people ‘hopped’ to our Earth. Marianne and eleven-year-old Delfina (Elfy) use one […]

Effing Feline’s head is empty #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, have a blank mind. I’m running out of things to write about, so I’m going to try a trick that Ed, my pet human, read about while I was keeping his lap warm. The trick to open a novel at random and plunk your finger (or paw) somewhere on the page. Whatever […]

The Saint is released from Quarantine, day 3

The Saint of Quarantine Island My newest science fiction romance book is sexier than most of my PG romances. Here’s an example of that — a striptease. This scene is a flashback to the evening in Janet Davis’s hometown in suburban Los Angeles when she first met Kendo Carlisle, the so-called Saint of Gilford Island, […]

The Saint is released from Quarantine, day 2

The Saint of Quarantine Island My 21st book, The Saint of Quarantine Island, was released July 1. That’s Canada Day, the country’s birthday, and choosing that day was no coincidence. This is my most Canadian novel. For those who don’t know me, I moved to Arizona over 30 years ago from a log house in […]