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Stop that man #mfrwhooks

Last week in Alien Contact for Kid Sisters we met the antagonist, Sergeant Squitt of the Kwadra Island Gendarmerie, who is herself up to no good, and on a much bigger scale than our hero, Quinn. He reacts quickly to her appearance at the open air table where he is selling fake wood carvings. An orca […]

A pain in the blowhole #mfrwhooks

Continuing from last week’s selection from Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, we see several important things: The success of Quinn’s con job Our first glimpse of the heroine, though from a distance Our first glimpse of the antagonist, up close But first, the tourists from Oklahoma object to Quinn raising the price for the phony […]

A con man at work #mfrwhooks

New year, new book, or at least new to book hooks. Alien Contact for Kid Sisters is part of my Alien Contact for Idiots series of near-future sci fi romances. To escape environmental collapse, Native Americans from the future of an alternate earth move Kwadra Island to the Pacific off the coast of Washington State. […]

Effing Feline disdains maps #8Sunday

I, Effing Feline, don’t need a map to find my food bowl. So what use are maps, anyway? To cats, no use at all. Nonetheless, I suppose I should have explained the map I showed last week. Kwadra is an alternate Earth’s Vancouver Island. The Kwadrans “hopped” their island to our Earth when the environment […]