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Introducing Smardy Kat

Meet Effing Feline’s Cousin Fart-Fueled Flying Feline here. If you’re new to Ed Hoornaert’s blog, I write a weekly column here on Sundays. I have many fans! I am adored far and wide! I’ve used my increased clout to get a gig for my cousin, Smardy Kat. Smardy, who is also known to the family as Snooty, likes to think […]

More Science Fiction Cats

A while back, I posted about my favorite cats in science fiction literature. Folks responded with a bunch of their favorite cats, and so here they are–the long list of SF puddy tats. Petronius the Arbiter (AKA Pete) from The Door into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein Linnea Sinclair, Games of Command Ruthven Todd and […]