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A Tiny ‘Urp’ Escaped #mfrwhooks

Here’s the next hook from my WIP, which follows immediately after last week’s text. When her alien nation’s queen arrives at Opsie Beaverpaw’s under-construction house, she’s a mess after getting plaster on her face. It turns out the queen isn’t alone: “You didn’t say you were with someone.” Opsie stood back to let him pass. […]

Are you a winner?

The Escapee Winners The Rafflecopter giveaway in conjunction with the release of Escapee: Repelling the Invasion is over. Here are the winners: First prize, a $10 Amazon gift certificate: BN100 Second prize, a copy of the prequel to Escapee, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station: Maria Belen Troncoso Third prize, a copy of the prequel to […]