The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

theguardianangeloffarflungstation--thumbnailAn Amazing Woman … with Amazing Secrets

Sandrina, a lonely, waif-like genius, conceals more secrets—and power—than anyone on Farflung Space Station. One secret is her hopeless crush on Duke Dukelsky, the handsome head of the station’s security.

But when invaders take over Farlung, Duke needs Sandrina’s help to repel them and rescue the reformed space pirate who cut out her tongue when she was eight. Can she earn Duke’s love even though it means stripping herself of all secrets and forgiving the pirate who maimed her?

Read chapter one of Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is available wherever fine e-books are sold, including:

Praise for The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

This is a FUN story! Sandrina is a perfect heroine. I love that she does all that good work on the station for no reason. The princess is awesome sauce! – Tricia Skinner, author of Angel Kin

I COULD NOT PUT THIS STORY DOWN!!! OMG! It’s so good. – Paula Millhouse, author of Three Wishes

A beautiful story … well written and gripping. – Pamela Keyes, author of The Jumbee


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