Alien Contact for Idiots

What an interesting twist to the
alien visitation theme! … Il est magnifique!
– Indtale Magazine

What’s a woman gonna do when she’s quarantined for three weeks with an Out-of-this-World alien?

When American aborigines from the future move their entire island nation to our Earth, Ell Harmon makes the first alien contact. The take-charge Seattle biologist has yearned to find intelligent aliens, and her dream comes true when she meets Prince Tro Eaglesbrood.

Ell and Tro are quarantined together, while the fearful world wonders whether the newcomers are friends or foes, neighbors or conquerors. Ell knows Tro is honorable and Kwadrans are peaceful … but how to convince the world?

They broadcast a show, which she flippantly titles Alien Contact for Idiots. Every day, Ell interviews Tro and tries to humanize Kwadrans. The show is wildly popular, and the romance developing on-screen between Ell and Tro reassures the world. If a smart woman like her can fall for a Kwadran, they must not be monsters, right?

But Tro’s duty lies with his people, and soon that duty threatens not only the show but Ell’s heart — as well as the peace and survival of our world.

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Thumbnail--Alien Contact for Kid Sisters_5

Alien Contact for Kid Sisters 

Marianne Harmon dreams of being a warrior rather than the pampered kid sister of the queen, but when rebels strike, she’s thrust into a more dangerous adventure than she’d bargained for. Can she trust the man in a Royal Guardian’s uniform who’s trying to save her…or maybe seduce her…or possibly even kidnap her?




She was born to kill. Not to love.

Jo Beaverpaw is born fully grown, well-armed, and impatient to tackle her Destiny … which is to kill her alien nation’s most wanted fugitive. Her life is pre-programmed and straightforward – until she meets the sexy bodyguard of her intended target.


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