The Trial of Tompa Lee

Only her enemies can save her from alien injustice

New Trial 2016b A woman
Tompa Lee is a homeless ‘street meat’ who has clawed her way up to the bottom-most rung of the Space Navy . . . but her dream job plummets into a nightmare when she’s framed for mass murder on an alien planet.

A man
Dante Roussel is the Navy policemen who surrenders Tompa to the Shons . . . but    he is horrified to learn that their justice requires trial-by-combat, so Tompa must conquer three hundred accusers.

An alien
Awmit is an old, lower-class Shon who is the sole witness to Tompa’s innocence . . . but to prove it, he must find the valor and the strength to fight to the death at her side.

An unfair trial
Can Tompa learn to trust and love not only a member of the alien race that wants to slaughter her . . . but also the policeman who betrayed her to cruel alien justice?


Praise for The Trial of Tompa Lee:
  • “Ed Hoornaert is a marvelous writer: a terrific, engrossing storyteller and a consummate stylist.”  — Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo-Award winning author
  • “A rollicking romp on a distant planet, full of adventure and heart.” — Amber Belldene, author of the Blood Vine series
  • “Reminiscent of the best of classic Star Trek.”
  • “Hold a tissue ready, as Mr. Hoornaert knows how to squeeze the heart of the reader.” — Love Romances
  • “Tompa Lee is an attractive, ambitious vagabond.” — Arizona Daily Star
  • “Classic science fiction, but with enough character development to interest non-science fiction readers.” — Romance Reviews Today


Read where the idea for this book came from.

Tompa was first published by Five Star Speculative Fiction in a hardcover edition.  It is also available in e-book format from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple,, and in trade paperback.

Read chapter one for free



  1. […] Thanks again to Ed Hoornaert (Mr. Valentine) for tagging me in this chain! Ed is a a multi-published novelist and short-story writer who has written both romances, science fiction and, most recently, science fiction romance. He is also a musician who has played principal oboe in the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Tucson. One of my all-time favorite books is The Trial of Tompa Lee. […]

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Pam. I feel the same way about your “The Jumbee.” It’s a great book, folks. I highly recommend you read it.

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