New SFR: April, 2015

Here are your brand new releases in science fiction romance and SF with romantic elements, for the month of April, 2015:

  • Across Our Stars: Victor, by by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor
  • Bound to You, by A.R. DeClerck
  • Down South, by C.E. Kilgore

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DeClerck - Bound to youBound to You, by AR DeClerck

On the surface of a long-dead planet Jacks Baine and Lia Bernardi will discover that the dead have secrets; and the past never really goes away.

Buy this book at:

Available for preorder March 1


Kilgore - Down SouthDown South, by C.E. Kilgore
A Heart’s Compass Romance

Gabe’s got enough to worry about now that modern conveniences have disappeared and made life on his cattle ranch that much harder, but fate seems to have other ideas when it has Liam, a very lost Brit, wandering onto his property and threatening to drag him heart-first out of his very deep closet.

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Across Our Stars: Victor, by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor

Payne Across our StarsAge and rank should divide them, but Victor needs Zoe for reasons beyond their mutual attraction if they’re going to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of cybernetic recipients across the galaxy.

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