For Readers of SFR

What’s the Latest and Hottest? Find out here. This is your portal to newly published science fiction romance and science fiction with romantic elements.



For Authors of SFR

Do you have a book to add to these pages or next month’s page? Use the form below to send me the information about your book, including links to where readers can find it.

Pictures of your cover grab people’s attention, but unfortunately the form doesn’t accept pictures. If your buy links lead me to a cover pic, I’ll grab the file from there, but if you don’t  have buy links yet you can e-mail me your cover picture (no particular size; I’ll resize as needed).

Please remember:

  • New releases only.
  • This is an SFR list, so your book should have some science fiction and some romance. Any blend of the two, from erotic romance in a futuristic setting to hard sf with romantic elements, is welcome.  I’m not a Genre Cop, so don’t bother asking me Is my book SFR?  If you think it fits here, that’s shiny.



  1. Filled out the form; hope June 2014 is new enough for you.

  2. Formed filled out. My buy-link should lead you to the cover pic, but if you need me to email you the cover, just let me know. Thank you!

  3. Ed,

    I mistyped my website!!


  4. Thanks, Ed! As Taren said, my buy links should show you the cover, but if not, let me know! Donna

  5. Amy DeClerck · · Reply

    Have sent form. If you need a pic please let me know. Thanks! AR DeClerck

  6. Thanks, Ed! Let me know if you need the cover art or if I messed up my buy links. You rock!

  7. Thanks, Ed. Let me know if anything didn’t come through correctly or if you need my cover art.

  8. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  9. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Thanks, Ed.

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