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Effing Feline vacations #8Sunday

I, Effing Feline am not here. I’m far away in my mind, vacationing in the land of catnip — which is the superior, feline version of Margaritaville. Go away, unlucky humans, and read this week’s snippet without my inspiring guidance. For the last few weeks, we’ve glimpsed Tal Pelletier’s misgivings about opening the doors to […]

Effing Feline burps

As they say in the commercials . . . new name, same great book! I, Effing Feline, thank you for all the cat treats you earned me by voting in Ed’s poll last week . (Burp) We have a winner in the exciting race to replace the name Audra Fleeing Audra Finding. And the winner is […]

Effing Feline says Ed needs help #8sunday

I, Effing Feline, think my pet human, is trying to trick me. Ed wants me to apologize for not getting to everyone’s post last week because he was busy with a July deadline. But I don’t believe that story. He just wants to trick me into saying the word sorry. I’ve never said that word, though, […]

Effing Feline offers you a match #8Sunday

I, Effing Feline, laughed so hard I coughed up not one but two furballs. The joke? The Merriam Webster dictionary, which defines “summer heat” this way: As an Arizona cat, let me tell you that seventy-six is not “heat,” it’s the overnight low. For real heat, AZ style, light a match and stick your finger […]

Effing Feline hates fixers

I, Effing Feline, cannot celebrate Father’s Day, as I’m not a father . . .  because against my will, I was “fixed.” Grr, hiss! I’m choosing another snippet from Ed’s WIP, a near-future SFR novel titled Audra Fleeing Audra Finding. Penniless and desperate, twenty-something Audra lets a Kwadran construction worker guide her up a wilderness mountain […]

Effing Feline peers into the wolf’s mouth

I, Effing Feline, think English is weird. Take the saying “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” Why shouldn’t you? You can tell a lot by looking in a horse’s mouth, like its age and health. Right, Hywela? “Gift cats,” of course, are different. Don’t expect a gift from a cat. Instead, shower your cat […]

Effing Feline teases dogs #8sunday

I, Effing Feline, hate the cat videos on Youtube. Instead of glorifying my glorious species, they portray us as creatures to laugh at. That is so misguided. If you silly humans really must laugh at some animal, laugh at dogs instead! Ed is working on rewrites of his near-future SFR tentatively titled Audra Fleeing Audra Finding. Audra […]

Effing Feline celebrates Memorial Day #8Sunday

I, Effing Feline, know that tomorrow is Memorial Day, a patriot US holiday. In honor of said patriotism, I dug out my sun glasses honoring the US and the other nations in Mr V’s heritage. How many of these flags do you recognize? The first two are easy — along with Great Britain’s Union Jack, […]

Effing Feline is a poet #8Sunday

I, Effing Feline, have a plethora of divine accomplishments, but you may not know that I write poetry worthy of the ages. In honor of Mother’s Day, here is one of my masterpieces: Roses are red, violets are blue, You love me, Mommy, and I love me too. Ed’s nearly completed WIP (now finished! First draft, […]

Effing Feline lets a dog speak #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, feel lazy, so I’m turning this week’s post over to my pet humans’ pet canine, Twiggles the Dog. Try not to laugh too hard. Ha ha ha ha! TWIGGLES: Good day, my dearest ladies and gentlemen. I, your unworthy and obsequious host, hope that you will excuse my inexperienced writing and lack […]