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By Jupiter, she made it!

As a romance author, I sing the praises of girl meets boy. Woman meets man. Goddess meets god. Just such a meeting happened this week, as the king of the gods met the woman made specially for him.  The Juno spacecraft has reached planet Jupiter. Talk about a match made in heaven. Here’s their meet-cute, and […]


Happy Birthday, Hubble!

The Hubble space telescope has revolutionized mankind’s notions of the cosmos.  A few of its achievements: Determining the age of the universe (1.38 billion years) Discovering that the universe is expanding more rapidly now than in the past Proving the existence of black energy Discovering planets outside of our solar system (Click here for a glimpse of […]

The Glories that Inspire Science Fiction

Science is about wonder and amazement.  About seeing beneath—or above—the ordinary and into the divine mysteries of this astonishing universe. That sense of wonder is a huge part of why I write and read science fiction. In this spirit of wonder and amazement, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, UK, sponsors an annual photography contest that […]

Out of this World!

As a proud member of the SFR Brigade, Mr. Valentine is participating in this year’s midsummer blog hop.  The theme of the hop is Out of this World. What is it REALLY like to got Out of this World? Well, unlike Justin Bieber, who has already booked a flight on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two, I’m […]

Lessons from Marcia, the Mars Rat

Marcia and the Amazing Human Brain One of the Curiosity Rover’s most popular pictures is the so-called Mars Rat.  I’ve heard she even has her own Twitter account.  The long-distance ISP charges must be horrendous. (If you haven’t heard of the Mars Rat, see here, here, here–oh heck, just Google ‘Mars Rat’.) For the sake of convenience, and […]

Pictures of the Space Shuttle Endeavour Buzzing Tucson

Folks here in Tucson, Arizona got a special treat Friday when the 747 carrying the shuttle Endeavour made a low-altitude pass over the city. The flyover was a tribute to injured former Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, whose husband, Mark Kelly , the retired astronaut who commanded Endeavour’s final flight on his last mission in late May 2011. […]

Pictures from the Mars Rover “Curiosity”

For anyone who loves science or science fiction, the high-quality pictures sent back from Mars by the Curiosity rover are awe-inspiring.   To view the latest pictures, see NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory page. Here are some of my personal favorites. Mt. Sharp My computer’s wallpaper is set to this incredible picture of Mt. Sharp, which […]