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A Closer Walk

A quick post today–some Dixieland for you, performed by the Sirocco Woodwind Quintet, with me on oboe and Sandy Weber, who recently passed away, on clarinet solo.

The Easy Way to Lower your Blood Pressure

Eons ago, back when I was thirteen, I visited a record store with some friends from high school. There was never much music in our house, and if I listened to anything, it was rock and roll. Nonetheless, in a pretentious, fateful move, I bought Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony for no better reason than his ancestors were […]

Home, Home on the —

Today, another clip from the Sirocco Woodwind Quintet’s album honoring the commissioning of the USS Tucson. It’s another well-known tune, Home on the Range. During one of the oboe solos, I burped, which made my intonation wobble, and since we were on a tight budget and that take was otherwise the best of the lot, […]

Mr V plays music for Memorial Day

As regular readers of Mr. Valentine‘s blog will know, I’m not just a writer, I also play the oboe. A few years ago … nearly 20, actually–how time flies … I recorded a concert with the Sirocco Woodwind Quintet, based in Tucson. The occasion was the commissioning of a new submarine, the USS Tucson. Appropriately enough, […]

Thoughts while resting a bum leg

I’m sitting here with an ice pack on my elevated left leg (don’t ask–not worth your time or mine), and while I’m immobile I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts. If you haven’t visited the New SFR Pages lately, you might want to wander on by. Lots of great stuff by hard-working writers. Recent additions include […]

Of Oboes that Sing–and Cabbages and Kings

NaNo Again! I should have fit ‘National Novel Writing Month’ into my little rhyming title for this post, but dang, it neither scans nor rhymes. I’ve done NaNoWriMo, as it’s also known, with great success–it inspires me to be more prolific than I normally am. Two years ago, my NaNo project was The Tribulations of […]

A Dream Message and Dreamy Music

The alarm on Mr. Valentine’s clock radio starts out quietly and gradually swells in volume. I never hear the alarm at first; it crescendos up to ‘LOUD’ before I hear it.  And then, of course, the radio has to hop over and hit me on the head a few times before I get up.  🙂 […]

James DePreist and Fourth Place

In Memoriam, James DePreist Who was James DePreist and what does he have to do with science fiction or romance? The second question is easier, so I’ll answer it first. Nothing.  (Although as a writer, I find the ‘e before i’ in his name fascinating.) James DePreist was one of the first Black conductors of […]