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SFR Brigade Showcase for April

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s showcase. Once a month, the brigade’s authors highlight snippets from new work, WIPs, cover reveals or other fun things. But let me start at the beginning. Most stories begin with a grain of sand. Not literal sand. Mental sand. When a rough grain of sand gets caught in […]

SFR Brigade Showcase — Keys to Me

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s first showcase of 2017. Once a month the brigade’s authors highlight snippets from new work, WIPs, cover reveals or other fun things. Science. Fiction. Romance. Three words that are keys to who I am. Key 1: Science Although I love learning about the universe, I’m not a serious science […]

This Christmas, you can help

If you spend any time in spaces where authors hang out, you know a lot of authors are struggling with finances or health or both. Why is this? Well, when life gives you lemons, writing is one of the few things that you can continue to do. This promotion is about helping those authors. The […]

Winners, winners everywhere

Readers who followed the recent Bewitching Book Tour celebrating the release of Escapee could enter a Rafflecopter giveaway — and I’m delighted to announce the winners. Five electronic copies of book one in this series, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. And the winners are: Alan Saxon Sarah L Janet Watson Ann Fantom Anna Drumroll please! […]

Are you a winner?

The Escapee Winners The Rafflecopter giveaway in conjunction with the release of Escapee: Repelling the Invasion is over. Here are the winners: First prize, a $10 Amazon gift certificate: BN100 Second prize, a copy of the prequel to Escapee, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station: Maria Belen Troncoso Third prize, a copy of the prequel to […]

Escapee Release Week #4; the Dukelsky family

Repelling the Invasion Escapee was released April 19, 2016. It’s the second book in a loosely connected series called Repelling the Invasion. The books can be read in any order; they’re connected only by focusing on members of the Dukelsky family — first Priam (nicknamed Duke) and then his twin brother Hector (nicknamed Hank). You don’t have to […]

Capture this Escapee now!

Escapee hits the e-bookstores, and a giveaway! Effing Feline here. My pet human, Edward Hoornaert, has a science fiction romance coming out today, and he wants me to tell you about it. And about a raffle for an Amazon gift certificate or free books. Yeah, yeah: I hear you saying snidely that I can’t tell […]

Recipe for a Book

Recipe for a Book People often ask if there’s a formula for writing a book. The answer: Nope — no formula. Sorry. But for one of my books, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station, I have the next best thing — a recipe.  If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll let you in on my secrets. […]

Bookstores I love: Munro’s Books

A Nobel Prize-Caliber Bookstore I was in Victoria when Neal Armstrong landed on the moon. That has nothing to do with this post, but it’s the number one thing I associate with the capital of British Columbia. On a recent visit this summer, I fell in love with a bookstore in Victoria—Munro’s Books. Its tagline […]

SFR Brigade Summer Cafe

Good books and free prizes … what’s not to love about the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s Summer Cafe?  I’m giving away two $10 Amazon gift cards on this blog, to randomly selected commenters who respond to this: Although I’m sure you’ve never done anything as embarrassing as Sandrina in the snippet below, tell us one humorous […]