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Early Birds Caught the Worm. Yum!

Yes, I’m writing this post, but even so, don’t ask me what worms have to do with anything. Book worms, perhaps? A few bookworms early birds have read my sci fi romance, Rescuing Prince Charming, which was released a couple days ago, and I’m tickled pink (just like a worm) at what they’ve said about […]


Smardy Kat pokes fun at science #6

Today I, Smardy Kat, have a guest blogger.  And you’ve all heard of him.  Yes, my fame if spreading so rapidly that I have been approached by none other than Albert Einstein! Here is his post: [What’s this?  Mr. Valentine (aka Ed Hoornaert) who hosts my blog, just told me Einstein is dead.  The spoilsport.] […]

Exotic Vacation Destinations, part four

NASA recently released travel posters for a few of the many planets discovered in the last few years, as Mr. Valentine noted while discussing his vacation plans yesterday. In case you haven’t read those blog entries here and here, this is an example, courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech:   PlanetQuest has identified 1804 confirmed planets outside our solar system, and […]

The Perfect Exotic Vacation for YOU

With the Christmas holidays over and the winter blahs setting in (even here in Arizona), Mr. Valentine’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of … vacation! But where to go? Maybe you folks can help me out. I can’t decide between these glorious vacation spots: The travel posters are courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech, for planets that have actually been […]

Top Ten Science Fiction Cats of All Time

I need your help with this one because–horror of horrors!–I have only eight cats on my list. I relying on the Internet to help fill out this list, so don’t you let me down. If you think of a deserving cat, leave a comment! Here are the ground rules I used: I’m a little loosey goosey about […]

Agent Oboe Seven

Today, Mr. Valentine presents another instalment from the soon-to-be-released The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. Last week you read about Tompa’s meeting with an important alien visitor: a Detchvilli who has chosen the name Sir Charles for his dealings with humans. Detchvilli’s adore human music, and he has brought his woodwind quintet to the embassy in […]

Celestial Fireworks Celebrate Mr. Valentine’s Upcoming Release

It’s an omen! Definitely, it’s an omen for Mr. Valentine’s upcoming release (scheduled for February 2014), The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. The Star of Bethlehem signaled Christ’s birth. According to one version of the story, a new star suddenly appeared and guided the wise me to Bethlehem. A nova or supernova? Other versions claim that […]

Science Fiction Jokes, Part 4 – Special Feline Edition

The new July-August edition of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine features a cat on the front cover.  To my twisted mind, that’s a perfectly logical segue into another of Mr. Valentine’s sporadic forays into science fiction humor. As you may have heard, writers like cats.  I’m no different.  In fact, I just finished brushing my […]

Science Fiction Jokes, part 3

Been a while since I posted anything, so let’s jump right in with a cartoon close to my heart. Science Fiction Girl This is courtesy of John Lustig’s Last Kiss site. John finds pictures from old magazines (this one from Just Married #10, 1959) and recaptions them.  Here’s John’s commentary on this cartoon: “I could […]

Science Fiction Jokes, part 2

And here’s more humor: SF Jokes part 1 SF Jokes part 3 SF Jokes part 4 (feline edition) And today, just what you’ve been waiting for–more nerdy sci-fi humor.  Like last time, let’s start with some groaners: Why is an astronaut like a quarterback? They both want touchdowns. Martian 1: Garble schnarff werbble schnip? Martian […]