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Notes from the Past

Live in the moment, philosophers and gurus tell us. For a novelist, that is rotten, horrible, no good advice! The past fills the present and the future.  Its tracks and traces are everywhere, if we can but read them. Remember that whack I took from a baseball bat when I was nine?  I sure do. […]

Lessons from Marcia, the Mars Rat

Marcia and the Amazing Human Brain One of the Curiosity Rover’s most popular pictures is the so-called Mars Rat.  I’ve heard she even has her own Twitter account.  The long-distance ISP charges must be horrendous. (If you haven’t heard of the Mars Rat, see here, here, here–oh heck, just Google ‘Mars Rat’.) For the sake of convenience, and […]

Looking for a Great Read, part 2: Rita Award nominees

The other day, I listed the nominees for the prestigious Hugo Award for best science fiction novel of 2012.  Today I’ll show you  for the Rita nominees in the Paranormal Romance category … and one other, a nominee for best first novel. But first, I have a confession.  I’m not sure how much stock to […]

Looking for a GREAT Read? Part 1, Hugo Award Nominees

Have a dog and/or a cat? Hey, you’re like me! If you’re like me, your To-Read pile is threatening to take over the house … and that doesn’t even count the untouched tomes on the e-reader! And yet, if you’re like me, you’re always looking for the next big book to read, the next great […]

The SFR Brigade Presents III

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade presents… a collection of cool SFR snippets!  Check out some favorite or new-to-you authors! The Midas Rush Today’s selection is from The Midas Rush, my upcoming science fiction novel with romantic elements. Two of the four main characters have been assigned to work together: MacKay Rullitch of the Interworld Security […]

Cover Reveal for The Midas Rush

About the Midas Rush The Midas Rush is science fiction with strong romantic elements–it starts on a wedding night and ends with a marriage proposal. In between, all sorts of weird and threatening adventures befall our naive young hero, Tresky Buffrum. All Tresky wants is a taste of adventure before settling down to quiet life […]

Using NaNo Technology to Craft Science Fiction

Well, I did  it. ‘It’ being completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge.  If you aren’t familiar with NaNoWriMo, it’s a worldwide program that challenges people to write 50,000 words of a novel during November.  Although 50k is a short novel (they’re usually at least 70k to 100k), it’s an ambitious goal, especially for a […]

The Next Big Thing

A bunch of writers are writing similar posts this weekend about the books we’re currently writing.  We’re all answering the same questions about our works-in-progress, so be sure to check out the links at the end of this post. Here are the ten questions we’re answering, along with my responses: What is your working title of […]

Writing Contest Updates

Alien Contact for Idiots garners a bronze … Awhile back, I mentioned that my science fiction fantasy manuscript, Alien Contact for Idiots, was a finalist in the On the Far Side Contest.  The contest is run annually by the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal  branch of the Romance Writers of America, which is one of the […]

Me, a Harlequin hero?

You’ve all seen those hunky heroes on the covers of romance novels. Washboard abs. Handsome as hell. Allergic to wearing shirts. That is not me. And yet,  in a way, I’m a real live Harlequin hero.  For I inspired the hero in a romance novel.  Truth, I swear. It happened years ago when I was in […]