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Congratulations to the Prism Awards Finalists

The Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapter of RWA is pleased and proud to announce the finalists of the 2020 Prism Awards Contest for Excellence in Published Paranormal Romance. Please join me in congratulating the finalists! Dark Paranormal * Chase’s Fire by Casey Wyatt Darkness Rising by Katie Reus The Rookie by Abigail Owen The Rogue […]


Grammar is credibility. (So is spelling!)

Grammar is credibility “Grammar is credibility. If you’re not taking care of the small things, people assume you’re not taking care of the big things.” Amanda Sturgill (Associate Prof of Communications at Elon University) Right on, Dr. Sturgill!  Every independent author should post this quotation above their desks. At this year’s RWA conference, I received a […]

My Royal Command Performance

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine have been touring Canada. While reading about the tour, I learned that they visited Carcross, in the Yukon. I daresay none of you had heard of Carcross before the royal tour.  There’s no reason you should have. The settlement is home to fewer than 500 people, […]

SFR Brigade Showcase for March

 Some Thoughts Inspired by Judging a Contest Mr. Valentine (aka me, Edward Hoornaert) recently finished a big pile of books in order to judge them for the Rita contest sponsored by the Romance Writers of America. While ethics (and contest rules) keeps me from naming any book or author, the experience inspired a few thoughts I’d like to share. Please keep […]

A Google selfie … and I don’t recognize myself

Belgian?  Born in 1981? I googled myself today.  Hadn’t done that in years.  There were 6540 results, which is more than I would’ve expected … if I had any expectations at all, that is. The number two hit on the results gave me the best laugh I’ve had in a while.  It’s my entry page […]

Shiny Grey Wisdom

Shiny! All you Browncoats out there know the secret meaning of the word ‘shiny,’ right?*  No, I’m wrong–that sentence shouldn’t have a question mark, but an exclamation point!  Maybe two! All you browncoats out there know the secret meaning of the word ‘shiny,’ right! ! To me, this is the all-time best piece of invented […]

Top Ten Science Fiction Cats of All Time

I need your help with this one because–horror of horrors!–I have only eight cats on my list. I relying on the Internet to help fill out this list, so don’t you let me down. If you think of a deserving cat, leave a comment! Here are the ground rules I used: I’m a little loosey goosey about […]

Triumphant Cover Reveal

And now, alas, for some shameless commercialism. Amazing how different it feels, though, when it’s my commercialism … noble, almost, or at least artistic and marvellously important, as opposed to crass. Without further apology, here’s the cover reveal for The Triumph of Tompa Lee, my upcoming science fiction adventure with dollops of romance. Leave a […]

The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph of Writing Sequels, part 2

In my previous post, I introduced three issues I found I needed to be careful of when I began writing sequels. Issue #1: Lots of names from previous books Issue #2: Lots of recapping Issue #3: Assuming that readers identify with protagonists because they read previous books For the beginning of this article, originally published at Savvy […]

The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph of Writing Sequels

My last post, Top Ten Thing Readers Hate about Books, has turned out to be the most popular post I’ve ever done on this blog. That popularity inspired me to follow up with a related article I wrote recently for Savvy Authors  (which is a great resource for writers–I recommend it). You see, many of […]