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Charlotte Bronte tries to steal someone’s work!

Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre, would never need to steal another author’s work. Right? I’m no longer quite so sure. A couple weeks ago, I had elbow surgery. The other night, I took a hydrocodone and read myself to sleep with a biography of Miss Bronte. The passage discussed how an author name Mrs. […]

SFR Brigade Showcase for April

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s showcase. Once a month, the brigade’s authors highlight snippets from new work, WIPs, cover reveals or other fun things. But let me start at the beginning. Most stories begin with a grain of sand. Not literal sand. Mental sand. When a rough grain of sand gets caught in […]

Think your glasses need cleaning?

Nope, your glasses are fine. As you may have noticed, this blog has a new header image with two changes: First, the cover for Newborn, released in November, belatedly appears along with the covers of my other books. Second, the cover for The Tribulations of Tompa Lee, book two in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee, […]

Effing Feline cleans up

I, Effing Feline, have little time to write today. Too busy cleaning up for Christmas, since all four of Mr V’s children will be home for the holidays and I don’t want them to think I neglect my fur.  Here’s a picture of me, bathing: Since next Sunday is Christmas, this will be my last post […]

SFR Brigade Holiday Showcase, day 3

The year in review + a Xmas present for you 2016 was very productive.  I had three new books come out, tied for the most ever, and I sold another that will be out next year. Over the next few days I’ll be showcasing each book, so stop by each day for contests, discounts, free snippets, […]

This Christmas, you can help

If you spend any time in spaces where authors hang out, you know a lot of authors are struggling with finances or health or both. Why is this? Well, when life gives you lemons, writing is one of the few things that you can continue to do. This promotion is about helping those authors. The […]

Effing Feline says “Let your cat write!”

My pet human, Ed Hoornaert, is incredibly lucky that I, Effing Feline, write these blog posts for him.  He tried writing the other day after a hiatus due to various ills, and look what happened to his hand: Yes, folks, typing is dangerous!  So all of you writers out there: Get a cat. Feed it […]

Journey to another World

Great books by: Susan Grant Aurora Springer Jessica Subject S.M Schmitz Liza O’Connor Jolie Mason Sabine Priestly Diane Burton Veronica Scott and many more! Last but not least, Ed Hoornaert’s newest release, Newborn, is on special for only 99c during the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s special promotion. Check it out — and lots of other great […]

Effing Feline’s heroic scratching

I, Effing Feline, have orders from my pet human, Ed Hoornaert, to show some of the romance in Newborn, Mr V’s newest science fiction romance.  Personally I loved last week’s excerpt, about the salmon run.  The thought of all those fish was enough to make me swoon. But he who buys the cat food picks the tune, […]

Effing Feline gives thanks

I, Effing Feline, am looking forward to the U.S. Thanksgiving next Thursday. I can’t wait for that first bite of mince-mouse pie! But my pet human Ed, aka Mr Valentine, insists that the holiday is a time for giving thanks for our blessings, so here goes. I’m thankful for: Being a cat. Twiggles the Dog. More specifically, […]