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Music Monday #MFRWauthor

Lest we forget Today, November 11, is Remembrance Day / Veteran’s Day. Considering that, what else could I possibly choose than this song? The poem “In Flanders Fields” is profoundly meaningful for my father’s family, whose roots extend back to a town smack dab in the killing fields of the Second Battle of Ypres. The […]

Music Monday – Back to Halloween’s roots #MFRWauthor

As my final musical salute to Halloween, it’s Night on Bald Mountain. This song from Fantasia is as satanic as Disney ever got — and now that the Disney company has gone all corporate, I’m sure they would never think of doing so darkly ‘real’ as this. What’s your favourite Halloween music?

Music Monday – Hallelujah! #MFRWauthor

I know it’s Halloween in just ten day, but nonetheless I’m going to deviate from my self-imposed diet of holiday music. Instead, today’s tune has personal meaning. “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen, is sung here in my favorite version by KD Lang who has, let’s face it, a better voice than Mr Cohen. (With all due […]

Music Monday – Halloween #2 #MFRWauthor

Spooky! In honor of October, I’m continuing with my very favorite Halloween music. This one is undeniably spooky!  

Music Monday – Halloween #1 #MFRWauthor

The Devil’s Dance In honor of October, here’s my very favorite Halloween music. John Williams, the world’s most famous movie composer (Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter) wrote this for the film The Witches of Eastwick. The movie is very good, but not nearly as great as this Devil’s Dance!

Music Monday – Chicago’s Dance #MFRWauthor

The Savages Last week I teased you with a short piece from 1725 that was the soundtrack for an operation. This week I’m staying  in the same year, same country (France) for perhaps an even greater musical oddity: an interpretation of  Native Americans by 18th century civilization. In 1725, French settlers in Illinois sent Chief Agapit Chicagou of the Mitchigamea and […]

Music Monday -The operation #MFRWauthor

Marin Marais I just had an operation on my shoulder. We tend to think of such things as modern, but not so! (Operations, not shoulders!) The French bassist and composer, Marin Marais, had an operation nearly 300 years ago, in 1725 — and he wrote music describing it. As a subject for a tune, that’s […]

Music Monday Sixteen Tons #MFRWauthor

Tennessee Ernie Ford It’s Labor Day in the US and Labour Day in Canada, and with that in mind, here’s a song that always reminds me of my maternal grandfather. He was a coal miner. Though short, he was as tough as a bantam rooster. His last fist fight was when he was in his […]

Music Monday LSD #MFRWauthor

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Today, a flashback to my youth — the Beatles! This song is a companion piece to a blog I’ll be putting up tomorrow evening. What’s the connection with kaleidoscope eyes? Come back tomorrow to find out!  

Music Monday #MFRWauthor

Today’s post of heavenly music features the Faroe Islands Philharmonic Orchestra. Do you have any idea how astonishingly impressive that is? The Faroe Islands are one of the most remote, sparsely inhabited places in the western hemisphere. A mere 49,000 people are scattered over 779 subpolar islands. Faroe is 690 km from Iceland, which most […]