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An exquisite touch of distinction #mfrwhooks

Today, another hook from my WIP titled Audra Fleeing Audra Finding, book 5 in the Alien Contact for Idiots series. Kwadra’s queen has twisted the arm of a reluctant Duchess Opsie Beaverpaw to lead the search for Audra, a runaway young mother. Here Opsie talks with the runaway’s uncle, Matt Verhailey, a wealthy cyber security expert […]

Not going to have sex with you #mfrwhooks

Here’s another hook from my now-finished WIP, tentatively titled Audra Fleeing, Audra Finding. The title confused some people (including Lisabet, who’s opinion I cherish) because I haven’t shown you Audra yet. Instead I’ve been giving selections from the book’s other main thread. Therefore I’ve decided to confuse you by switching to Audra’s thread. This is […]

A Silly Dream #mfrwhooks

Here’s the next hook from my almost finished WIP, which I have now tentatively titled Audra Fleeing, Audra Finding. Audra is a young woman you haven’t yet met in the hooks I’ve selected for you. This snippet follows immediately after last week’s text. When her alien nation’s queen arrives at Opsie Beaverpaw’s under-construction house, Opsie is […]

Duplicates, duplicates #mfrwhooks

I’ve come up with a working title for the sci fi romance WIP I shared last week: The Man She Trusted. I hope to finish a first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Because I’m sharing bits and pieces both here and elsewhere, I’m skipping to chapter two. To avoid duplication, you know. Which is ironic, […]

Cute little fireflies #mfrwhooks

I’m back after an noticeable absence from the weekly Hooks blog hop. Forgive me for being missing in action. I currently have not one but two WIPs. Given the way I work, that’s terribly unwise — but while I usually hold sway over my Muse, sometimes she throws me curve balls and strikes out my […]