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Science Fiction Jokes, part 3

Been a while since I posted anything, so let’s jump right in with a cartoon close to my heart. Science Fiction Girl This is courtesy of John Lustig’s Last Kiss site. John finds pictures from old magazines (this one from Just Married #10, 1959) and recaptions them.  Here’s John’s commentary on this cartoon: “I could […]

Science Fiction Jokes, part 2

And here’s more humor: SF Jokes part 1 SF Jokes part 3 SF Jokes part 4 (feline edition) And today, just what you’ve been waiting for–more nerdy sci-fi humor.  Like last time, let’s start with some groaners: Why is an astronaut like a quarterback? They both want touchdowns. Martian 1: Garble schnarff werbble schnip? Martian […]