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Effing Feline hisses

I, Effing Feline, hate the kitten next door. My sometimes friend, Twiggles the dog, is allowed outside even though I’m not. Yesterday the kitten came right up to the floor-to-ceiling window and drank from Twiggles’ water bowl — and Ed thought it was cute!  He took pictures! Grr, hiss! I’m sharing another snippet from Mr V’s […]

Who the Heck Knows? #MFRWauthor

Time once again for moment you’ve been waiting breathlessly for — the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. That means it’s okay to breathe now, folks. This week, the writing prompt is: Ten Years from Now My first reaction to this prompt is that I use teabags. No tea leaves to read. But here’s my Top […]

More wine? #MFRWHooks

This week I’m joining another Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop: Book Hooks. Writers share the first few sentences of their works in hopes of luring you in. Here’s the opening of The Midas Rush, my first science fiction romantic comedies, back when I was marketing more as science fiction than romance. “More wine?” asked […]

Effing Feline spreads tuna fish

I, Effing Feline, am washing myself. Ed gave me the remnants of his tuna sandwich, and I love tuna.  Now I’m washing myself to spread the glorious aroma all over my body. I’m sharing another snippet from Mr V’s SF romance, Escapee. After their remote mining moon is attack by enemies, Catt Sayer, the crusty captain […]

Docking at the SFR Brigade Showcase

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s showcase. Once a month, the brigade’s authors highlight snippets from new works, WIPs, cover reveals or other fun things.  Today I discuss the genesis of my upcoming science fiction romance, Constellation XXI. “It’s like backing your car into the garage . . . if your car weighs as […]

The perpetual struggle to be productive #MFRWwriter

Time once again for the Marketing for Romance Writers blog. This week, the writing prompt is: A Day in My Life I’ve left the rat race, so my days tend to be similar. An ideal day: I didn’t stay up too late reading last night, so I’m awake and raring to go by 9:00. (You […]

Effing Feline wants the kitten to scoot

I, Effing Feline, told you that the neighbors have a cute new kitten. Yesterday the kitty hopped over the wall into MY yard. Worse, it paraded up and down in front of the floor to ceiling window in the family room begging to be let in. The dumb kitten wanted into MY house. I hissed […]

Outside of a dog #MFRW

The year-long Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop is into its 30th week. For this week, the writing prompt is: Paperback, eBook or Audio No contest. I’m still prefer books made of real paper.  Perhaps a third of my reading is done on my Kindle, and if I take a car trip I’ll be sure to have […]

I’m a grandpa again!

I’m a grandpa again!  How can that be?  I still have a full head of hair. Baby Logan Alexander was born yesterday morning. Seven pounds, nine ounces. Mother and child are doing well. Three-year-old big brother’s first words on seeing his new sibling: “He’s so cute!” I agree with that. However, like an guy who […]

Effing Feline wants to delete pictures

I, Effing Feline, told you that the neighbors have a new kitten. A so-called cute kitten, though in truth she’s as ugly as a puppy.  Yesterday, Mrs V made things worse. When the kitten jumped onto the wall separating the yard, she took her cellphone outside to take pictures of the kitten. This means war, […]