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Effing Feline gets a Valentine #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, got a Valentine and it was from . . . from . . . Twiggles the Dog! Not only a Valentine, but a byootiful stuffed heart that’s perfect for digging my kitty claws into. And not only that, it’s filled with, with — catnip! I don’t know what to say. I didn’t get […]

Constellation XXI has sprung to life

My latest science fiction romance, Constellation XXI, is now available. The first reviews are in at Goodreads. Here’s a peek at them: 5 stars — Frances Once again, Ed Hoornaert takes us on a rollicking ride full of action and romance. He manages to engage us fully. This is the third in the ‘Repelling the […]

You’re about to be deflowered #mfrwhooks

This is the last hook from Constellation XXI., my sci-fi romance. The last hook, that is, before the book officially releases on Valentines Day. Sienna Dukelsky is a starship pilot on her first solo flight when all power, lights, and mechanical systems on her ship suddenly, inexplicably die. The visor of Sienna’s flight helmet cycled […]

Effing Feline ponders dogs #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, have been thinking about Twiggles the Dog. I may have looked like I was sleeping, but really, I was pondering whether I should treat Twiggles better. First, I came up with reasons why Twiggles is inferior to me: She barks at passersby She smells She’s so eager to please she debases herself […]

A creature from the distant past #mfrwhooks

Today, another hook from Constellation XXI., my sci-fi romance releasing on Valentines Day. Sienna Dukelsky is a starship pilot on her first solo flight when all power, lights, and mechanical systems on her ship suddenly, inexplicably die. She’d spent the last three years memorizing procedures for troubleshooting every component of this ship. All the procedures […]

Effing Feline returns! #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, am back after being gagged during a one-week infestation of blandness in the form of dear, sweet, adorable Twiggles the Dog. (Barf!) Once again, today’s snippet is from Ed’s Valentine’s Day sci fi romance, Constellation XXI. We’ve seen how her spaceship has mysteriously died, but this week we move back in time to the […]

Visit this fictional world

So far, the hooks I’ve shared for my upcoming release, Constellation XXI, have included, a cover, a blurb, and the opening paragraphs. Today, something totally different. For each of my books I create a “travel poster” inviting readers to enter my fictional world. The posters become part of my marketing materials. The travel poster for […]

Effing Feline gets replaced #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline I, Twiggles the Dog, am writing this weex Weekend Writing Warriors post ‘cuz Effing’s in the dog house. He’s bin nasty about me the last 2 weex an I don’t deserve it. Im not as litterary as Effing — I don’t use litter at all — but Im a nicer person. Once […]

Love was just a cruel ghost — #mfrwhooks

Last week I showed you the cover and blurb for my upcoming science fiction romance, Constellation XXI. Today you get the opening of the book. She didn’t do it. Couldn’t have. There was simply no way. Everything about it was impossible. Nonetheless, guilt slammed Captain Sienna Dukelsky as hard as if she’d rammed her beloved […]

Effing Feline repents #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, am shaky, nauseous, and I can’t sleep. Withdrawal symptoms — because Mr Valentine (aka Ed, my cruel, cruel pet human) has cut off my catnip allowance. The horrible jerk insists I apologize for posting that nasty picture of Twiggles the Dog last week. He wants me to admit that Twiggles is a cuddly […]