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You hurted, madam? #mfrwhooks

Our hero, Quinn, is a free-spirited scamp and an aboriginal American from an alternate earth. As such, his English isn’t nearly as good as he thinks it is. Here he is fleeing from the police in his own inimitable fashion. As he rounded the corner, he narrowly avoided a tough-looking Merkin almost as large as […]

Effing Feline says Beep beep! #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, told you last week that I’m determined to become independent — which means I have to figure out how to open cat food cans. Being a wily, observant cat, I got plenty of ideas from one of grandson Wesley’s TV shows. I’ll tell you about them after this commercial break from our […]

Stop that man #mfrwhooks

Last week in Alien Contact for Kid Sisters we met the antagonist, Sergeant Squitt of the Kwadra Island Gendarmerie, who is herself up to no good, and on a much bigger scale than our hero, Quinn. He reacts quickly to her appearance at the open air table where he is selling fake wood carvings. An orca […]

Effing Feline declares independence #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, complained about not being able to open cat food cans . . . but Twiggles the Dog laughed at my complaint. She said pets like us get food in exchange for love, loyalty, and a pledge to defend our beloved owners with our own lives if necessary. But I am NOT a […]

A pain in the blowhole #mfrwhooks

Continuing from last week’s selection from Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, we see several important things: The success of Quinn’s con job Our first glimpse of the heroine, though from a distance Our first glimpse of the antagonist, up close But first, the tourists from Oklahoma object to Quinn raising the price for the phony […]

Effing Feline tries telekinesis #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, changed my name last week to Efrem Thimbalist Jr. After sleeping on it, though, I’ve decided the name isn’t classy enough. I’m still thinking long and hard of name splendid enough for a cat like me who can do anything. Anything, that is, except for one crucial thing, which I’ll tell you […]

Cover reveal — The Solid Gold Aliens

COVER REVEAL: The Solid Gold Aliens Previously published as The Midas Rush Science fiction with elements of romance Thoroughly re-edited and a brand new cover! I purchased the basic artwork from BookCoverZone because the feel of it suited planet Jones, where the story takes place. I then adapted it to my story. For example, in […]

A con man at work #mfrwhooks

New year, new book, or at least new to book hooks. Alien Contact for Kid Sisters is part of my Alien Contact for Idiots series of near-future sci fi romances. To escape environmental collapse, Native Americans from the future of an alternate earth move Kwadra Island to the Pacific off the coast of Washington State. […]

Effing Feline renames himself #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, am snippeting from a book that Ed is revisiting, renaming, and re-covering, It used to be called The Midas Rush. Now it isn’t.  I’m feeling cantankerous — it’s been a whole hour since my last nap — so I’ll be effed if I tell you the new name right away. Tresky Buffrum […]

Effing Feline doesn’t want to look back #wewriwa

I, Effing Feline, don’t believe in this human nonsense of reviewing the year that is ending. You wouldn’t want to look behind either if the only tool you had to wipe your butt was your tongue. The view ain’t great. Christmas is over and so are the snippets from Alien Contact for a Christmas Nutcracker. […]