I prefer women with more flesh on them #mfrwhooks

I’m continuing with a hook from the third and final book in the Passion Island trilogy, Triple Wedding.

Teegan is about to discover why Sterling has taken her (and his sister) to picnic in the middle of town — and it’s quite embarrassing! Sterling speaks first.

“The factory’s letting out now.” Dozens of workers, mostly men, exited the building. “Which one do you like?”

Teegan cringed. “Keep your voice down,”

Mercedes sat on the other end of the bench. “I like the one in the vermillion slacks,” she whispered.

Sterling punched his sister’s arm lightly. “I didn’t ask you.”

“But you should’ve. A good brother would make sure I have a constant supply of men.”

More workers came out. Teegan found herself examining them, though the idea of finding a date here was silly. Why was she even listening to Sterling?

Well, for one thing, guy-watching could be fun, though she and Mercedes hadn’t taken the time for it in years. On top of that, she was kidding herself about attending the wedding alone. Only a loser would show up solo. Her date didn’t have to be handsomer than her sisters’, though that would be great.

“Not the vermillion slacks,” she whispered. “His socks are green, which means his fashion sense is atrocious. The man with black hair and flat face is kind of cute.”

“I’m on it,” Sterling said. “Be right back.

“That’s not what I—” Teegan reached out to stop him, but grabbed only air. “Come back here!”

Her voice was loud enough that a couple of factory workers turned to look. Warmth flared in her cheeks. She could’ve caught Sterling if she ran, but that’d make even more of a spectacle.

When Sterling stopped her man and talked to him, she rose, turned her back on the two of them, and wrapped her arms over her chest. He brought the bearded man to the bench. “That’s her.”

Taking a deep breath, she turned to the stranger with as much dignity as possible.

“Teegan Dayle,” Sterling said, “may I introduce Hermie Nakamora.”

“No,” she said, “you may not introduce him. I’m sorry, Mr. Nakamora. Try to forgive my friend’s brother. He’s, you know…” She patted her temple and let her face go slack with stupidity. “I’m sorry he wasted your time, sir.”

“Call me Hermie.” Nakamora craned his neck, examining her as though she were a suit of clothes hanging on a rack. “You’re kind of cute. I prefer my women with a bit more flesh on them, but I could use the money—”

Teegan jerked her hands up to cover her mouth. “You offered him money?”

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The Triple Wedding

Teegan Dayle is a businesswoman who’s determined to maintain her image as her family’s most successful sibling. For that, she needs a spectacular date for her sisters’ wedding—even if he’s a fake boyfriend.

Sterling, her roommate’s brother, is a handsome loner. When a desperate Teegan asks him to be her date, he refuses—until he realizes the wedding is his only chance to meet the people who can fulfill his dream.

Booker is a naïve young Apprentice Cupid whose job is to make a match for Teegan—but not with Sterling. Can he break up matches as well as he makes them?

How far will Teegan and Sterling need to take their pretense? All the way?

Triple Wedding will escape to planet Earth on July 19. Until then, it’s available for preorder at a special low price that will go up once it’s released. So order your copy today!




  1. You’ve managed to make this totally outrageous scenario seem almost plausible!

  2. It’s almost like he’s enjoying himself too much trying to rile her. Maybe hiding his attraction to her for some reason?

  3. Wow, this scene is over the top. But what does he have to gain? Finding a date, offering money, something is not right.

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