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I, Effing Feline, miss my litter mates. I haven’t thought about my four sisters in ages .. . .  until I started reading Ed’s WIP, Triple Wedding. After reading about Teegan Dayle’s efforts to get back into her estranged family’s good graces, I’m all teary. Darn you, Ed!

In today’s snippet, we see the first baby step toward the title’s triple wedding, Teegan is invited to wedding #1, and we get a glimpse of a potential storm cloud on the horizon.

Teegan’s vision of her bouncy sister blurred as her eyes filled with tears of happiness.

“I want you to come to the wedding,” Rayna said. “You’ve got to come, so tell me you’ll come.”

“Of course I’ll come.” But then reality waved a cautious hand, seeking her attention. “If work allows.”

Rayna growled then hissed, sounding like a hungry chasm cat defending its dinner. “Teegan, behave yourself and say you’ll come no matter what.”

She lived just forty miles away, in the southern reaches of the sprawling Eastcott settlement. An hour to get there, four or five hours for the ceremony and reception, and an hour back — it would barely interrupt Teegan’s work schedule. “A black hole opening under my feet couldn’t keep me away.”

And a few more for good luck:

“The wedding will be on the eighteenth of next month because…” Rayna clapped her hands and squealed. “Because Ember’ll have had her baby by then, so we can see our little nephew. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Fantastic,” Teegan said in a neutral voice at odds with her sister’s glee. Mercedes reached over and squeezed her hand. She knew how explosive Ember and Teegan’s relationship was.

Teegan returned the squeeze. She could get along with her oldest sister for a few hours … probably. But could Ember get along with her?

Effing Feline here again. I was feeling so teary about my litter mates that I dug out one of my baby videos. Can you tell which kitten is me?

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The Triple Wedding

Due to issues of interest to no one but myself, Triple Wedding will first see the light of day in a compilation of the entire trilogy. It’s been submitted to Amazon but hasn’t yet been made available for sale.

Here’s the trilogy’s book cover =>

And here’s the blurb for book three:

Teegan Dayle is a driven businesswoman whose company grows houses. When her three estranged sisters plan a triple wedding, she’s determined to show them her life is perfect — so she needs a gorgeous wedding date to wow them.

Sterling, her roommate’s brother, is a handsome loner. When Teegan asks him to be her fake date, he refuses — until he learns that amazing new creatures will be at the wedding. He’s determined to be the first to study them, even if it means pretending to love a woman he doesn’t get along with.

How far will they have to take the pretense? All the way?

Booker is a naïve young Apprentice Cupid whose job is to make a match for Teegan — but not with Sterling. Can he break up matches as well as he makes them?




  1. I love these covers!

    Effing, I think you’re the one who almost falls off the bed!

    1. Drunk again, Effing?

  2. The joys of family get-togethers 🙂

    1. She’s really dreading this one.

  3. Ed, the three book cover looks fantastic. Effing, I think you’re the speedy one at the end and on your way to take on the world.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the cover. I did this one.

  4. Love how the complications of family relationships persist even into the far future. The covers for all three books are really excellent. Enjoyed the snippet!

    1. Improved technology might actually increase the opportunities for misunderstandings, people being people.

  5. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Oh, I love the premise for this book! And who can possibly resist the fake date for a wedding trope?! Great job! 🙂

    1. I’m writing these stories with an eye to satisfying the tropes — 1-locked in together; 2-friends to lovers;3-fake relationship.

  6. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Oh, I love the premise for this book! And who can possibly resist the fake date for a wedding trope?! Great job! 🙂

    1. You love it so much you had to say it twice. That’s impressive Julie!

  7. Sisters – love ’em or hate ’em?

    1. Or both at the same time!

  8. Love your covers! Wonderful color scheme. Dani outdid herself. 🙂

    And boy, you can see the conflicts coming with these sisters. Fun times ahead!

    One little bit of feedback: I noticed in the second and third sentences the word “come” is used three times. You might want to give that another look. 🙂

    1. Good catch. I ‘ve changed this passage a bit. Thanks!

  9. Love that the troublesome sister’s name is Ember. A touch of foreshadowing?

    Effing, you’re obviously the cutest one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Flames ahead, eh?

  10. Multiple weddings are always fun and full of drama.

    1. And triple weddings are unusual enough that I hope some buyers are intrigued.

  11. Family dynamics on full display. 🙂 I do like that cover. Congrats on the upcoming release!

    1. The family dynamics really took over this book.

  12. nancygideon · · Reply

    My cat thinks this was your best post ever!

    I agree with the lauds for your covers! Awesome. Having sisters I can relate to this scene.

    1. Your cat likes the baby kitties, eh?

  13. Family. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. You’ve done a great job on the family dynamics.

    And the covers are fabulous.

    1. “Happiness is having a large and very close family — in another state.”

  14. Family get-togethers can be trying but also something to look forward to. Enjoyed the banter.

    1. After this reunion, Teegan might just agree with you.

  15. I loved the kittens video; my cats, not so much. My two females are prowling around my desk, confused that it’s not covered in babies.

    I’m looking forward to this third book and the family dynamics it’ll showcase.

    1. I had a lot of fun with the family dynamics. It was tricky, though, because two of the three sisters were the stars of their own books, which constrains me in terms of making any of them too flawed.

  16. The kitten video–I’m dead!
    We have no kittens. Only a trio of crusty senior cats. Oddly, the oldest of them is the only one who isn’t having health problems.
    Speaking of dead, I’m wondering how long it will be before one of these sisters kills each other and then this story will go from being a romance to a murder mystery. 😉
    Your post is included in this week’s Roost Recommendations. I share the Roost Recommendations posts on Twitter with readers looking for their next read.

  17. A murder mystery, eh? At times I’ve thought about writing such a story . . . but I’d rather end this trilogy with the sisters coming together happily, at least for now.

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