If you value your happy home #mfrwhooks

I’m continuing with a sneak peek at the opening of my WIP — the third and final book in the Passion Island trilogy, Triple Wedding.

It stars another of the Dayle sisters, Teegan, who gets a shock when she gets home from work — a stranger is in her house, wrapped only in a towel.

Half a lifetime ago, she’d been accused of trying to steal her sister’s high school boyfriend. That shame had lodged in her self-image, because she hadn’t just tried. She’d succeeded. At the time of Ember’s accusation, she was in bed, naked, with said boyfriend. She remembered his name but not what he looked like. What she remembered best were her sister’s screams of betrayal, followed by a lifetime of estrangement.

Thinking of that horrific scene, Teegan’s neck and face flamed. Never, ever, ever again. Not ever. Not even if Mercedes’ tattooed hunk with the gorgeous mane of dark hair flirted with her while wearing only a towel.

She drew back farther and crossed her arms protectively over her belly. “May I ask who you are?”


She waited, but he said nothing more.

Oh, joy. Just what she needed, a comedian. “Name, please?”

“Sterling Peters.” He thrust out his hand again, but jerked it back when his towel — no, her towel — started to slip. He had lightning-fast reflexes, for which she was grateful.

Not knowing if her roommate was nearby to overhear his flirting, she lowered her voice to a whisper. “Where is Mercedes?”

Please don’t say ‘Right behind you.’ And towel, if you value your happy home, don’t fall.

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  1. Great! Your characters always have such tricky misunderstandings.

    1. If so, it’s because the character’s make their own assumptions about what’s going on, rather than sharing my assumptions.

  2. How the world is currently focused on a towel 🙂

    1. Not just any towel — a towel that values its happy home.

  3. Interesting. She is in deep trouble

    1. Could be, could be.

  4. Cara Hartley · · Reply

    I think he’s either up to no good or he always casually talks to people he doesn’t know while wearing nothing but a towel.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

    1. Either way, he’s a bit too self-confident for her peace of mind.

  5. Nice cover, Ed, and I enjoyed the snippet. I agree with what Lisabet said about tricky misunderstandings. I like that about your characters.

    1. The world isn’t simple and straightforward, so I try to make the issues my characters the same.

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