Effing Feline cries #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, am leaking tears. My cousin Lee, whom I admire and aspire to become, adopted Twiggles the Dog as his new best friend — just because she gave him a 50-lb bag of dogfood!

There’s only one thing for a self-respecting cat to do.

Goodbye (sob) cruel, cruel world. (Wahhhh!)

In Ed’s most recent release, Pandora Uncaged, Pandora is meeting with Aidan, an old friend from her teenage years. To escape the four workers she supervises, she says she needs to go check the weather report for tropical storms.

“I’ll come with you,” Aidan said.

Raising a fuss would’ve run the risk of giving away too much of her emotions, so she just shrugged and walked out into the hot sun. As long as he didn’t talk about pregnancy, or sex, or ask her too many questions about what she’d done with her life, he’d be welcome to join her.

The early afternoon heat slammed her the moment the sun hit her. To get it out of her face, she went to the shade of a stand of syllabah trees then wished she hadn’t. Beyond the syllabahs lay the mobeave’s enclosure, and she had enough things she wanted to avoid talking about without adding one more.

Or did she? Aidan already knew the mobeave existed. The predator was a fascinating creature, and she could easily spend a couple hours’ discussing it without getting personal.

“I’m sorry my coming here made you uncomfortable with your friends,” Aidan said.

And a few more but not too many. I know you have a lot of snippets to get to.

Coworkers, not friends.”

“Don’t let me sour you on them. I’m sure they meant well.”

“Tell me, what are the pavers on the freeway to hell made of?”

Effing Feline here again. No, I didn’t kill myself. I just left the cruel world of Ed’s house . . . but I think Twiggles’ might be worse.


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P.S. Even though I’m not a mother, happy Mother’s Day.

Pandora Uncaged

Book Two in the Passion Island Trilogy — A friends-to-lovers future romance

Pandora Dayle is her family’s disgraced black sheep. Ten years after running away from home, she’s rebuilt her self-respect at an isolated facility for saving animals native to the colony’s planet. Her redemption feels as fragile as a dream, but she’ll be okay if nothing traumatic happens.

But when the best friend from her innocent youth arrives, her insecurities mushroom.

Aidan used to be Pandora’s best friend. Since his teen years, he’s held heroic jobs—police officer and now Search and Rescue leader. He adored innocent young Pandora so much he compares every woman to her idealized memory, and finds them wanting.

But when he rediscovers the real thing, she’s not at all what he expected.

Booker, a naïve Apprentice Cupid for a secret organization, receives his second assignment: get Pandora and Aidan to mate. They’d been close friends, so his strategy is simple: He flies Aidan to her island and tells him to impregnate Pandora.

What could possibly go wrong?

Pandora Uncaged is available at these fine sites. Order yours today.



  1. Hey, Effing,

    I’ll always be your friend!

  2. Your cats, too?

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    I’m sure things are definitely very awkward between them right now, no matter who was there.

    1. But having an audience doesn’t help.

  4. nancygideon · · Reply

    My cats will never know the heartbreak of being upstaged by the dog. They welcomed Mother’s Day by yowling for their bowls to be filled.

    Co-workers, not friends. That made my heart hurt.

    1. If she’s a bit standoffish about who’s earned the right to be called ‘friend,’ it’s because she doesn’t feel worthy of friendship.

  5. Interesting excerpt. The last line was kind of a non sequitor but I’m assuming it’s the group’s “good intentions” ? ANYWAY, I’m enjoying the story!

    1. You figured out the last line correctly.

  6. Perhaps their shared interest in the mobeave will help them move past this very awkward reunion!

    1. If they keep trying, surely something will make them fee comfortable with each other.

  7. I had the same reaction as Nancy. Just coworkers… I feel bad for Pandora.

    But I feel terrible for poor Effing. It will be okay, Effing. A friendship that can be bought… isn’t worth having. Lee showed his true colors.

    No snippet for me this week. 🙂

    1. I guess when you’re a lion like Lee, with a lion’s appetite, your need for food is extreme enough to skew your ideas of friendship.

  8. When a person wants to be alone – and then another comes along – and then – it is sort of ok that that person came along – that’s a good sign.

    1. Pandora is ready to associate with people and spread her wings. She just doesn’t know it yet,

  9. Somehow I think even the subject of the mobeave is going to turn personal for these two. Just a hunch. 🙂 So sorry, Effing. Fickleness is possible in the cat kingdom as well as the human, it seems. Perhaps you could dig up an economy sized bag of catnip and lure Lee back to you! 🙂

    1. It might need to be a whole bale of catnip to satisfy a lion.

  10. This seems like a tough sell for Cupid. She doesn’t appear to want any friends or relationships.

  11. It sounds as if she doesn’t do friendships or maybe is scared of them. I’m sure Aidan will be able to fix that.

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