Cancel the Party #mfrwhooks

I’m continuing with a sneak peek at the opening of my WIP — the third and final book in the Passion Island trilogy, Triple Wedding.

It stars another of the Dayle sisters, Teegan, who gets a shock when she gets home from work — a stranger is in her house, wrapped only in a towel.

His grin was so wide, involving all of his face, that she could only classify it as joyous. An infectious smile was such an odd reaction to getting caught trespassing that she reassessed her reaction. He was either mentally deranged or—

Oh. Of course.

“You’re with Mercedes, right?”

Still grinning, he nodded. Teegan’s anger ebbed several notches.

Mercedes Wen had been Teegan’s friend and roommate for nine years. Ever since success inundated Teegan with money and work, she charged Mercedes nominal rent in order to keep her around. They’d lived together so long some assumed they were a couple, though she preferred to think of them as sisters.

With luck, this was the guy for Mercedes.

Teegan flicked on the hall lights then widened her eyes in surprise. He was not Mercedes’ type. She went for artsy guys with impractical gleams in their eyes. This tough-looking stud was more to Teegan’s tastes.

Carefully reining in that thought, she shook his hand. Calluses—yummy. She admired men who did real things in the real world, rather than just sit at a desk. “She should’ve told me first, but I’m glad to meet you. I’m Teegan Dayle.”

She waited a moment, but he didn’t supply his name. She wanted to ask how long he planned to stay, but politeness demanded it could wait until he was dressed. “I’m sorry for threatening you with the police.” If Mercedes liked him well enough to bring him home, it was cause for a party, not a confrontation. She leaned her head forward, urging him to accept her apology. “Please forgive me.”

“You’re forgiven.” He leaned forward to study her face. “Wow—you’re extremely attractive when you’re angry, you know that? Every muscle in your face gets in on the action. Beautiful.”

“I beg your pardon?” Teegan took a step back. He was flirting with her? Mercedes’ new boyfriend was flirting with her?

Cancel the party.

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  1. The covers for this series are absolutely stellar. And the heroines are so different from one another!

    1. The sisters’ personalities developed from the family history, which was kind of neat. Once I knew the family’s story (which was outlined in book one of the trilogy) I had the key to their personal stories.

  2. That’s some subtle flirting.

    1. Telling your girlfriend’s roommate she’s really beautiful while you’re wearing only a towel is subtle?

  3. Enjoyed this. Nice chuckle at the end

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Janet!

  4. Enjoyed the snippit and the cover is gorgeous.

    1. Props go to Danielle Fine for her cover art . . . which is, by definition, Fine. 😉

  5. Oh boy, there might be some drama coming if Mercedes’ BF is flirting with Teegan.

    1. Ah, but all is not what it seems!

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