Naked in her house #mfrwhooks

I’m continuing with a sneak peek at the opening of my WIP — the third and final book in the Passion Island trilogy, Triple Wedding.

It stars another of the Dayle sisters, Teegan, who gets a shock when she gets home from work.

When she finally got inside, she shook off her shoes and leaned back against the door. She needed a vacation. And a bath.

Her company grew houses by filling mesh molds with sawdust from clearing the native forest surrounding Eastcott and then injecting the molds with her secret ingredient—the spores of a rare Addoray mushroom. The mushroom’s silvery roots, called mycelium, spread quickly through the sawdust, binding it into a durable mass that solidified still more when the mycelium finished its short lifespan. The result was a non-combustible, organic wall or building block that looked almost like marble.

Another result, however, was clothes that smelled of eau de mushroom—in plainer words, rot—so she couldn’t wait to change. Although these days she mostly worked in the office, she still kept her fingers in the nitty-gritty warehouse work several times a week.

She removed her suit jacket and undid the Windsor knot of her conservative black necktie. After tossing the garments onto the table by the door, she unbuttoned her blouse—but then jumped when the bathroom door opened. Her nerves were always wound so damned tight these days.

She expected her roommate, Mercedes. Instead, she got a tall, dark, and virile stranger wearing only a towel monogrammed with her initials—TAD. The hall was the only part of the house with no natural light, yet she could tell that his dark, curly hair was so wet it dripped onto her floor.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he said. “Hi.”

Body rigid, Teegan held the edges of her blouse together as she drew herself up to full height. It took a couple seconds to find her voice. “Who in black holy hell are you? How dare you prance around naked in my house, borrow my towel, and get my floor wet? Tell me what you’re doing here before I call the police.”

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And now the moment none of you have been waiting for — the cover for Triple Wedding!



  1. Great excerpt! And I love the mycelium idea… maybe you should patent it.

    1. Alas, it’s too late for a patent it. The researchers in several countries who are even now trying to perfect the technique beat me to it.

  2. Maybe “tell me what you’re doing here *while* I call the police.” lol

    1. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

  3. What a shocker for her. Great ideas in the story

  4. Oh wow, talk about quite the surprise. I loved the bits about the murshroom houses. That was very interesting.

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