Atop Pillar Rock #mfrwhooks

Over the last few months, I’ve treated subjected you to hooks from the first two book in the Passion Island trilogy:

  • The Seven-Foot Cupid (starring Ember Dayle and Tyler Estrella), and
  • Pandora Uncaged (starring Pandora Dayle and Aidan Forester).

Today I’m giving a sneak peek at the opening of the third and final book in the series, Triple Wedding, starring yet another of the Dayle sisters.

Panting, Teegan Dayle paused halfway up the stairs to her house on Pillar Rock. She leaned heavily against the moss-covered monolith.

“Why,” Teegan muttered to herself, “did I buy a house with so many stairs?”

She knew the answer, of course: for the prestigious address and the bird’s-eye view. From up here, she could look down on hundreds of homes in this wealthy corner of Eastcott.

Most of her neighbors on the Pillar were snobs who wanted little to do with her. Unlike her, they were descended not from mere passengers, but from the crews of the spaceships that had carried mankind to Addoray. For her, though, the point wasn’t to pretend she was better than everyone else, but to proclaim to the world that she’d dragged herself to the top of her profession.

Now if she could just drag herself to the top of the Pillar . . .

Next week, I’ll show you the cover, too. But in the meantime, be sure to visit the hooks by other fine writers in the Book Hooks blog hop.



  1. Hi, Ed,

    You excel at the short snippet! Definitely grabbed my attention.

    1. Thanks, Lisabet. Since this is the reader’s first glimpse of the heroine, I’m delighted it hooked your attention.

  2. She’s ambitious. Wishing her luck

    1. Yes, she is, but by the end of the book, she’ll realize what she’s been neglecting while working at her business.

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