Effing Feline wishes you Happy Easter #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, wish you a happy Easter.

What a great day!  Not only is it Easter, but I’m sharing my food bowl with the honest-to-God real Cadbury Bunny! That’s right–my cousin Lee and finally arrived! Here’s a picture of me greeting him. This one’s going in my scrapbook for sure!

(Twiggles the Dog helped me with this pic, enlarging my head to better show that I, Effing Feline, am cousin Lee’s equal. Thanks, Mutt.)

Lee brought his work costume with him, and that’s super neat. I’ll s how it to you after this message from my sponsor, Pandora Uncaged. Last week, the love interest, Aidan Forester, was awakened in the middle of the night by a seven-foot tall stranger. We pick up where we left off.

The tall guy was annoying, but Aidan was the Search-and-Rescue team leader on call, and if the giant had orders for him, well . . .

“What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain on the way.” He took Aidan’s arm and guided him out of his bedroom and into the parlor, where Maylee stood in a sacklike nightgown. As she handed Aidan the duffel bag of clothes and personal supplies all Search and Rescue officers kept on hand for emergencies, she cocked her head at him, an inquisitive look on her face. He spread his hands and shrugged.

“On the way where?” he asked when they were out in the brisk midnight air.

“To intercept the man whose place you’re taking. He’s useless to us.”

“Who’s us?”

And a few more but not too many. I know you have a lot of snippets to get to.

The giant just shook his head. “We need you on the islet and no one else.”

“Me? Why? What islet?”

Effing Feline here again. Here’s Lee in his work costume! Kinda makes you hungry for a creamy chocolate egg doesn’t it?

Be sure to check out the other great writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday and then

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But when the best friend from her innocent youth arrives, her insecurities mushroom.

Aidan used to be Pandora’s best friend. Since his teen years, he’s held heroic jobs—police officer and now Search and Rescue leader. He adored innocent young Pandora so much he compares every woman to her idealized memory, and finds them wanting.

But when he rediscovers the real thing, she’s not at all what he expected.

Booker, a naïve Apprentice Cupid for a secret organization, receives his second assignment: get Pandora and Aidan to mate. They’d been close friends, so his strategy is simple: He flies Aidan to her island and tells him to impregnate Pandora.

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Love the bunny ears!!

    And Aiden really has no idea what he’s in for, I think.

    1. No, but he’s beginning to get the idea he’s in for something weird, though.

  2. Happy Easter, Ed! (You too, Effing!)

  3. Same to you, Lisabet. Happy Easter!

  4. I’d be really nervous and fearful in that situation. It’s never good to be blindsided by a surprise order.

    1. Especially not in the middle of the night, a thousand feet up in the air,

  5. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Lots of unanswered questions. I’m anxious to read more! Happy Easter to you and all your furry friends. Lee, I’m off to gobble up some Cadbury eggs because of you…

    1. If you bought eggs because of Lee, his work here is done.

  6. This certainly isn’t going to be his normal search and rescue job, I’m sure. Enjoyed the snippet!

    1. You’re right. This is the search and rescue job of his life!

  7. I guess the Cupid agency doesn’t believe in free will when it comes to love! Fun start to his adventure.

    1. I think you can blame the clumsy approach more on the individual Cupid, rather than the agency.

  8. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Effing, enjoy your cousin’s visit. Have fun.
    Aidan’s in for quite a surprise, I’m sure. Happy Easter, Ed.
    I forgot to sign up and my post is up. https://dianeburton.blogspot.com/

    1. I’ve visited your post Diane. I’ve forgotten to sign up more than once.

  9. Can’t wait to see what Aiden thinks of his assignment! Congratulations on your almost release day, Ed! Many happy sales tomorrow!

    Effing, you’re related to a very famous figure!

    1. Effing says he’s not “related to” a famous figure, he IS a famous figure.

  10. Useless? How long before Aiden becomes ‘useless’?? Yikes.

    1. Actually, he’s sort of the Chosen One, so he’s not in much danger of becoming useless.

  11. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    This excerpt raises many questions. I can’t wait to see what they want him to do.

    1. There’s a lot of skullduggery going on, that’s for sure.

  12. At least he’ll be prepared? Prepared for what though, is the question.

    1. A good surprise awaits him, though it’s accompanied by a surprise he’ll need to handle very carefully.

  13. Quite a few unanswered questions. Can’t wait to see what Aiden thinks of all this.
    Love the bunny ears on the lion. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    1. I can imagine the kind of ad campaign the company could mount with that lion: “Buy our candy OR ELSE!”

  14. Cara Hartley · · Reply

    Nothing like being hauled out of bed and ordered to get to work when you don’t really know what’s going on or even who you’re actually working for!
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

    1. It’s funny , , , I’ve never been hauled out of bed to do some emergency writing. Have you?

  15. More questions. I hope he’ll find out soon where he’s going and why.

    1. True, true. But what if he doesn’t like the answers?

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