Are you injured, ma’am? #mfrwhooks

Today we have another hook from my WIP, The Seven Foot Cupid. Last week we saw that Ember Dayle is examining a newly drilled hole that provides unauthorized access to an important cave. She’s preparing her high-tech rappel vest to lower her safely to the cave floor — but she’s not quite ready to go.

There’s already someone down there. Tyler Estrella has also  been dispatched to the hole, When he calls up to Ember, she jerks, sending her plummeting down. The rappel vest prevents serious injury, but she lands atop of Tyler. He speaks first.

“If you can, ma’am, please get up.” His mouth was so close to her cheek that it was the most natural thing in the world to feather it with the lightest of kisses.

As soon as his lips touched her, she jerked her head up. She stared at him with eyes so wide the whites showed all around her pupils. It was too dark to tell their color.

Without warning, she exploded into action, shoving hard against his chest and belly to shoot to her feet.

“Oof,” he said.

She loomed over him, her posture rigid, hands clenched into fists. Light from above cast harsh shadows over her face, so she appeared more of a creature from a subterranean nightmare than a human being. Her dusty rappel vest was sky blue trimmed with red — Eastcott’s colors.

Eastcott was the rival of his settlement, Westerlin. The competition between the two settlements ran deep, and was becoming downright fierce. But had it exploded into warfare while he hid away from the world?

He rose to a sitting position and felt the back of his head gingerly. His hand came away bloody, but not very bloody. Considering how freely head wounds bled, the injury was minor.

He chose his words and tone of voice carefully. “Are you injured, ma’am?”

Her fists shot open and she patted every square inch of her face, which was unmarked except where his lips had cleaned away dirt.

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The Seven Foot Cupid

Book One in the Passion Island Trilogy

Ember Dayle prides herself on handling anything her newly colonized planet can throw at her. After an injury, she’s determined to prove herself again. She gets her chance when ordered to explore a mysterious cave on a wilderness mountain. Until that’s done, the last thing she needs is the distraction of a man.

Tyler, an explorer from her town’s fierce rival, is sent to explore the same cave. Like Ember, he’s been in an accident . . . but he was the only survivor. When he meets her, he’s drawn not only to her beauty and toughness, but by her ability to deal openly with her accident.

Booker is a naïve Apprentice Cupid for a secret group that hopes to make the colonists stronger, healthier, and smarter by matching people with compatible genes. His first assignment — Ember and Tyler. His strategy — lock them in an abandoned cabin together.

He doesn’t realize he’s locked them in with the fiercest, most intelligent native beast ever discovered. Can love help them survive?



  1. Hi, Ed,

    Of course this is a romance, but this seemed like an odd moment for a feathering of kisses….

    1. Yes, even he (the hero) would agree. He blames the knock on the head.

  2. The hero is an interesting character. Just a small head wound?

    1. Could’ve been worse, that’s for sure.

  3. personalizedmarketinginc · · Reply

    Looking forward to this book when it releases.

    Today’s posts have been shared on #PMInc’s Facebook Page Excerpt & Promotions


    1. Thanks for the share, Dee!

  4. Tyler is lucky he didn’t get a second knock on the head. Good line at the right time: “If you can, ma’am, please get up.”

    1. His wording says quite a bit about him. He’s considerate (“If you can,” knowing she also might be hurt) and polite.

  5. Babs Mountjoy · · Reply

    Yeah, I think I’m with her. He’s lucky HE can stand up. 🙂

    1. For sure. He’s lucky he got only a slight knock on the head.
      But anything more serious than that would totally have messed up this meet-cute!

  6. No I think she’s ok. Kinda full of energy.

    1. Very nervous energy, but yes, it’s there, all right.

  7. Well now that’s different, cute, but different. So is she from the other side? His enemy? Lots of questions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cute but different is what I was going for. You know what people say — they want books that are the same, but different.

      Their homelands are sort of enemies, though not them personally.

  8. deesknight · · Reply

    I love that he’s bleeding but not too much, lol. Despite the way their “introduction” came about, this is indeed a cute, cute meet.

    1. Ember hasn’t even been introduced to him, yet she’s already falling for him.

  9. Love this scene. I can see it. You are a true storyteller! Looking forward to more!!

    1. True storyteller? Now that’s what I call a compliment!

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