Stop shaking me! #mfrwhooks

Now that the holidays are over, so are the hooks from Alien Contact for a Christmas Nutcracker. Instead, I’m returning to a book that’ll be released in early 2021 — The Seven Foot Cupid. It’s close to going up for pre-release sales.

Waaay back in November, I’d gotten to the point in this book where we met the hero, Tyler Estrella, as he explores a mysterious hole in the ground leading to a cave. He’s in the cave, looking up at the ‘skylight’ in its ceiling. Someone’s up there — and he’d rather be left alone.

The final lines from November were: He cupped his hands around his mouth and called, “You up there. Go away, damn it.”

The intruder jerked and yelped. Good.

A moment later, a woman gave a bloodcurdling battle cry and launched herself at him. A hailstorm of dirt and falling rocks distracted him from defending himself. The attacker — this had to be an attack, right? — slammed into his shoulders, driving him backward to the cave’s floor.

His head hit hard stone. The world swam. The light overhead flared, narrowed, danced crazily, split into two. Then three.

Someone groaned. Was it him?

By the time the skylight resolved into a single source bigger than the mysterious round hole that had drawn him here, he realized he was shaking.

Correction. He was being shaken by…someone. But who?

Oh yeah. The woman sprawled on top of him.

“I’m awake, I’m awake. Sort of.” He blinked. “So stop shaking me.”

She didn’t — and she wasn’t, he realized, trying to revive him. She was just trembling because of her fall. 

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The Seven Foot Cupid

Book One in the Passion Island Trilogy

Ember Dayle prides herself on handling anything her newly colonized planet can throw at her. After an injury, she’s determined to prove herself again. She gets her chance when ordered to explore a mysterious cave on a wilderness mountain. Until that’s done, the last thing she needs is the distraction of a man.

Tyler, an explorer from her town’s fierce rival, is sent to explore the same cave. Like Ember, he’s been in an accident…but he was the only survivor. When he meets her, he’s drawn not only to her beauty and toughness, but by her ability to deal openly with her accident.

Booker is a naïve Apprentice Cupid for a secret group that hopes to make the colonists healthier and smarter by matching people with compatible genes. His first assignment — Ember and Tyler. His strategy — lock them in an abandoned cabin together.

He doesn’t realize he’s locked them in with the fiercest, most intelligent native beast ever discovered. Can love help them survive?



  1. Happy New Year, Ed. Looking forward to more of your work.

    1. Happy New Year to you as well. May the year bring good health, gobs of story ideas, and great sales.

  2. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun wild ride!

  3. I think you got her response right – I’d be a total wreck if I’d fallen down a hole.

    1. Kind of makes you wonder how Alice managed so well, doesn’t it?

  4. Definitely interesting. Good luck

    1. Thanks so much, Janet.

  5. Wow, that’s a dynamic first meeting!

    1. You might almost say it’s a knockout first meeting.

  6. Ooh, I like stories set on colony worlds where anything is possible. I’m wondering about the Cupid, and if his group is part of the bureaucracy of the planet or a sub-rosa group not known to the authorities? A little intrigue never hurts a love story.

    1. The Cupid group is definitely sub rosa.

      1. Ah! More interesting that way. Still, hard to stay hidden when you’re 7′ tall.

      2. It helps if you live on an island.

  7. personalizedmarketinginc · · Reply

    Hi Ed,

    Your excerpts are always so interesting, sounds like a great book.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dee!

  8. This made me laugh right off, Ed: “You up there. Go away, damn it.” Enjoyed your Hook.

    1. I’m glad I could lighten your day, Mary!

  9. Well know that was different and intriguing. Talk about a rough first meeting. Thanks for sharing Ed. Sounds like a great read.

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