Effing Feline thinks humans are weird #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, look out the window a lot. Not as much as I sleep, but it’s more fun than most of the things around here. I mean, how many times can sharpen my claws on the same old carpet, day after day? I tell you, that bothers me as much as it does Ed. Not that I understand why he cares. People are weird.

I’ll tell you what’s the weirdest thing about humans after this word from my sponsor, Ed’s WIP, The Seven Foot Cupid.

Ember Dayle’s job is to exploring a suspicious new hole in the ground that pokes right through to ceiling of the cave (lava tube, actually) that is very close to the surface. To go down into the lava tube, she must use her high-tech rappel vest to lower her to the cave floor.

Little does she know that Tyler Estrella is already down there, exploring the tube for his settlement. He hears her at the hole and looks up, just in time.

Color key:

Red=first ten lines
Green=additional lines which, you can skip

After a moment, a woman gave a bloodcurdling battle cry and launched herself at him. A hailstorm of dirt and falling rocks distracted him from defending himself. The attacker—this had to be an attack, right?—slammed his shoulders, driving him backward to the cave’s floor.

His head hit hard stone. The world swam. The light overhead flared, narrowed, danced crazily, split into two. Then three.

Someone groaned. It was him, maybe. Wasn’t sure, though.

By the time the skylight resolved into a single source that was bigger than the mysterious round hole that had drawn him here, he realized he was shaking.

Correction. He was being shaken by…someone. But who?

Oh yeah. The woman sprawled on top of him.

Effing Feline here again. I bet some of you an guess who this woman is.

People are weird because they spend all sort of time looking at electronic screens. Yes, I mean YOU, reading this.

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The Seven Foot Cupid

Book One in the Passion Island Trilogy
A locked-in-together romance

Ember prides herself on handling anything her newly colonized planet can throw at her. After a head injury shakes her confidence, she’s determined to prove herself again. She gets her chance when she’s ordered to explore a mysterious new cave.

Tyler, an explorer from a rival town, is given the same task. Like Ember, he’d been in an accident – – but his entire team died, leaving him drowning in survivor’s guilt. When he meets Ember, he’s drawn not only to her beauty and toughness, but by how well she deals with her accident.

Booker, a naïve Apprentice Cupid for a secret organization, receives his first assignment: get Ember and Tyler together. His strategy: lock them in an abandoned cabin together so they get to know each other.

He doesn’t realize he’s locked them in with . . . something else. Something dangerous. Something no human has ever seen.



  1. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Did she purposely attack him, or was he just in the way? I’m very curious!

    1. Effing would approve of your curiosity because cat.

  2. Guilty as charged, Effing.

    On the other hand, cats… or at least our cats … spend a lot of time staring at obviously empty spots on the wall.

    1. You honestly think those spot on the wall are empty? And you call yourself a cat person, Lisabet.

  3. I liked the “shaking” part. Interesting snippet. I wonder about his reaction.

    1. A severe bout of trembling is called ‘rigors’ but I thought if I used that word, people would associate it with death and think someone died.

  4. Interesting. Just enough info to get us very curious about this. Great snippet as always.

    1. Even with expanded length of our snippets, it can still be hard to get across the big picture of a scene.

  5. Well, that’s definitely one way of getting on top of the problem. 😀 Did you purposely make your snippet colours Christmas-themed? It’s too soon, Ed. Too soon. lol

    1. Yes, chose those colors deliberately. And what do you mean, it’s too soon? Canada has already had Thanksgiving, and everyone knows (don’t they?) that the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving.

  6. Fun scene – that’s one was to meet a person!
    Your blurb makes me apprehensible about the thing!

    1. I love coming up with meet cutes . . . even if this one isn’t really ‘cute.’

  7. That’s some intense action. I hope he’s not too badly hurt.

    1. Her rappel vest was set to lower her to within a couple feet of the cave floor, and although it dropped her too fast, it at least spared her from splatting into the rocks.

  8. Quite a scene! Dramatic, cinematic, can’t wait for more! Enjoyed the snippet…

    1. Speaking personally, I think that many of my best scenes have that cinematic quality because I picture them so thoroughly in my head.

  9. Is the “attacking” woman Ember rappelling down the hole? Sounds like she landed on top of him, but not intentionally.

    1. Yep, you got it.

  10. Your characters never meet in a normal fashion, do they? Enjoyed it, as always.

    Effing, you are absolutely correct. We are weird. It makes much more sense to stare out a window.

    1. I guess I love meet cutes too much to have my characters meet normally.

  11. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Fun snippet. Your right feline. I am getting to where I’m bored at screens all the time ( except my kindle)

    1. I love computers. My first computer back in the early 80s had 1 K of memory and I had to solder it together myself because it was sold only as a kit. But despite all that, I know what you mean. I find I enjoy ‘real’ books more because, well, they’re real. You can see and touch and smell them — only if the writing stinks, perhaps?

  12. But Effing, if we didn’t stare at the screens we couldn’t read your wit and wisdom each week!

    Now this is a “meet cute” that’s not quite so cute–at least to Tyler! Great snippet!

    1. It’s not cute to Ember, either!

  13. Is this a continuation from last week? And her vest failed again? Or is this another point of view from her initial accident?

    And Effing, who is the weird one, the one waching the screen, or the the one enamored by the one watching the screen?

    1. The vest didn’t actually malfunction. She pounded the vest’s anchors into the ground so vigorously that she made the thin layer of rocks — just 18″ thick, remember — break under her weight.

  14. Effing, we agree on this one: People ARE weird. 🙂

    Has cupid bumbled this up already? Did he break her rope?? 🙂

    1. Booker, the seven foot Cupid, will make many mistakes in this book. By book three of the trilogy, he’ll be more competent.

  15. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Intense! Hope she didn’t hurt him bad.

    1. It’s chapter one, so no, he’ll be fine.

  16. I hope he’s okay!

    Also, one of my cats loves watching TV. Horror movies in particular – I have no idea why.

    1. I may understand why your cat does it. Could it be that, like Effing, she’s evil inside?

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