Their savior and protector #mfrwhooks

In these snippets from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, Quinn is the antihero, a petty crook and conman masquerading as a Royal Guardian. He has led Marianne Harmon, the queen’s sister, to an old, abandoned town from before his people ‘hopped’ to our Earth.

Marianne and eleven-year-old Delfina (Elfy) use one of town’s automated tailors to get clothes appropriate for their long hike. They’re speaking the Kwdran’s language, with Marianne understands . . . but not necessarily the slang. We’re in Quinn’s POV.

Elfy stamped her foot, the noise echoing off the walls of the deserted lane. “You treat me like a baby, but I’m nearly twelve. I know lots of dirty words—”

“Quiet, kid,” Quinn said.

“—and I’m going to scream every one of them if you don’t tell me—”

Quinn lunged past Marianne, brushing the front of her body in the narrow passage. He grabbed the girl, covered her mouth with his palm and—oh God—in his other hand, he held a knife.

“What are you doing?” Marianne demanded.

He tackled Elfy to the ground and knelt over her. Marianne didn’t see blood, so he hadn’t used the stiletto to silence the girl, but—

“Have you gone crazy?” Protectiveness drove all fears from Marianne’s mind as she pounded his back and head and kicked his leg. “She’s just a little girl.”

Pointing with his knife hand, he turned just as Marianne kicked toward his shoulder. Her toe got him square in the eye, instead. He fell with a thud.

And up the lane, in the direction he’d pointed, a shadow crawled out from a darkened window.

Elfy screamed. Quinn moaned and held his eye.

The shadow resolved into a featureless shape not fifty feet away, a skeletal man so hairy he looked like a beast. And Quinn, their savior and protector, lay helpless on the ground.

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Alien Contact for Kid Sisters

Fleeing murderous rebels, the queen’s sister finds a hero to save her.
Or is he kidnapping her, instead?

Marianne is sick of being just the kid sister of the famous queen of Kwadra Island. Although she daydreams about being a warrior, when rebels bomb the royal ball she’s shunted to one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra, where she awaits a captain of the valiant Royal Guardians.

Quinn, a scam artist fleeing the police, dons the uniform of a Royal Guardian killed by a tunnel collapse. When Marianne mistakes him for her bodyguard, Quinn can’t decide whether to save the feisty maiden, fall in love with her—or kidnap her. With bloodthirsty rebels pursuing them and a treasure map in his pocket, what will he choose?



  1. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Oh know! Scary!

    1. This development leaves Marianne to save herself and the girl form this ominous stranger. A test of character awaits!

  2. Just a bit of trouble ahead

    1. Trouble that she must face alone!

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