A handsome hero, eh? #mfrwhooks

In these snippets from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, the ‘hero’ is Quinn, a petty crook and conman masquerading as a Royal Guardian. He has led Marianne Harmon, the queen’s sister, to an old, abandoned town from before his people ‘hopped’ to our earth. He assures her she’ll be safe from violent rebels.

But will she be safe from him?

The temptation to barge into the room where Marianne was bathing felt nearly irresistible. After an argument with himself, he settled for poking his head into the bathhouse’s anteroom.

“You two okay?”

“Wonderful,” Marianne answered from the second room down the hall. “Give us another fifteen minutes.”

Splashing punctuated the rhythmic whir of the tailor. The fresh-air smell of soap teased his nose. “How about I scrub your back?”

A big splash, like someone diving under the water. “Stay out there, you pervert.”

“What’s a pervert?” he asked. She’d spoken the word in English.

“Look in a mirror.”

“Ah. It means a handsome hero, eh?”

Marianne trilled a musical laugh. “Stay outside.”

He entered the anteroom, because even though the streets were deserted, it was best not to advertise his presence. He leaned against a wall and tapped an impatient rhythm with his foot. Craning his neck, he glimpsed long legs and spectacular buttocks that would haunt his dreams tonight.

Temptation waggled a come-hither finger at him. With a sigh, he moved to the opposite wall, with no view. Doing the right thing was hard. Boring, too.

That thought brought his quandary pouring down on his spirits again. Shaking his head, he lowered it and cradled it in both hands. He didn’t stop shaking it until the whirr of the drying jets told him she wouldn’t be a naked water nymph for long…except in his imagination.

Was there anything he could do to keep Marianne from learning the truth about him?

Uh, Quinn . . . maybe you should’ve been honest with her from the start?

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Alien Contact for Kid Sisters

Fleeing murderous rebels, the queen’s sister finds a hero to save her.
Or is he kidnapping her, instead?

Marianne is sick of being just the kid sister of the famous queen of Kwadra Island. Although she daydreams about being a warrior, when rebels bomb the royal ball she’s shunted to one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra, where she awaits a captain of the valiant Royal Guardians.

Quinn, a scam artist fleeing the police, dons the uniform of a Royal Guardian killed by a tunnel collapse. When Marianne mistakes him for her bodyguard, Quinn can’t decide whether to save the feisty maiden, fall in love with her—or kidnap her. With bloodthirsty rebels pursuing them and a treasure map in his pocket, what will he choose?

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  1. “Doing the right thing was hard. Boring, too”.

    Haha! I’ll bet Effing would agree with this….

    1. So would a great many people, I suspect!

  2. mckennadeanromance · · Reply

    I’m sure Quinn had his reasons for not telling her the truth from the start, but it’s definitely going to cramp his style! 😉

    1. None of his reasons for concealing the truth were honorable, that’s for sure. Quinn has one of the biggest changes of heart of any of my heroes.

  3. Dee Knight · · Reply

    Poor Quinn, trying so hard to be the man he pretends to be. Can’t wait to read this book!

    1. He’s wishing, at least. Don’t know if he’s trying yet.

  4. I have to agree with Dee and McKenna. Not telling the truth is going to bite him in the ass in the end. Honesty is always the best policy in matters of the heart. LOL Thanks for sharing Ed!

    1. “Bite him in the ass,” you predict. Let me blurt out a bit of a spoiler: when Marianne learns the truth, she happens to be holding a pistol in her hand . . .

  5. henhousepublishing · · Reply

    Poor Quinn is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Let’s hop Marianne has a forgiving nature.

    1. Only if she’s sufficiently in love.

  6. Seems he’s dug a deep hole for himself. Will he dig deeper of start to emerge

    1. Well, he’s still carrying a shovel, figuratively speaking.

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