A one-night stand, minus the sex #mfrwhooks

In last week’s snippet from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, Marianne insisted that Quinn Lebatarde, a con man wearing Captain Charleyjohn’s Royal Guardian uniform, stop for the night. Their long trek up a tunnel exhausted both her and Elfy, the eleven-year-old traveling with them.

It’s now the next morning. Last week’s snippet ended with: She grabbed the thing closest to hand — a coat that had slipped off her shoulders — and threw it at him with bad-tempered energy.

It was his lime-green uniform jacket. As he caught it, chuckling, she realized he must’ve draped it over her during the night and suffered the chill air in its absence. Regretting her petulance but too grouchy to admit it, she picked up Reese’s coat, which had slipped off Elfy’s shoulders.

“Talk softly,” she warned.

“Okay,” Quinn whispered. Then his gaze slowly raked her body with unabashed interest. “Nice dress. I like it.”

She threw Reese’s jacket at his face. With another chuckle, he caught it with one hand. He tiptoed over to Elfy and placed it gently over her sleeping body.

Then he held out his uniform jacket for Marianne to put on. She allowed him to help, unsure whether to trust him. He wasn’t swaggering, which helped her peace of mind, but his hands lingered on her shoulders just long enough to increase her uncertainty. She liked his touch, but . . .

“Thanks.” Embarrassment made her awkward. This must be what a one-night stand felt like, minus the pleasure of sex.

Quinn, though, smiled broadly. No awkwardness there. If Marianne didn’t know he was married, she would’ve thought he was used to one-night stands. She had no idea how to act around such a man.

N.B. — Quinn isn’t married, but Captain Charleyjohn, the man he’s impersonating, is.

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Alien Contact for Kid Sisters

Fleeing murderous rebels, the queen’s sister finds a hero to save her.
Or is he kidnapping her, instead?

Marianne is sick of being just the kid sister of the famous queen of Kwadra Island. Although she daydreams about being a warrior, when rebels bomb the royal ball she’s shunted to one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra, where she awaits a captain of the valiant Royal Guardians.

Quinn, a scam artist fleeing the police, dons the uniform of a Royal Guardian killed by a tunnel collapse. When Marianne mistakes him for her bodyguard, Quinn can’t decide whether to save the feisty maiden, fall in love with her—or kidnap her. With bloodthirsty rebels pursuing them and a treasure map in his pocket, what will he choose?



  1. A lot of erotic tension here… which, as you know, I love!

    1. Well, you have to stay warm somehow in a cool cave.

  2. Bet he stayed warm by curling up next to her sleeping body. He better watch it because he’s close to becoming a gentleman by covering the child and Marianne, even if he does have unabashed interest in his eyes.

    1. At this point in the story he sort of wants to act like a gentleman, but it’s something he needs to work on.

  3. The aside shows an interesting bit here. His pretense is going to be harder now the sexual tension has reved up

    1. I’m not sure anything would make Quinn feel awkward.

  4. Awkward all the way around. LOL

    1. Yeah, and poor Marianne, the innocent one, feels all the awkwardness.

  5. Good sexual tension, Ed. Does she know he’s really Quinn yet?

    1. No, she doesn’t learn that until halfway through the book.

  6. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Quinn and his cockiness lol. Good snippet

    1. He has enough self-confidence for the both of them.

  7. LOL. Quinn better not be married. 😉 And what fun is a one-night stand without the sex? haha
    Great excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No sex kind of steals the heart out of a one-night stand, doesn’t it?

  8. Kayelle Allen · · Reply

    Shared to Twitter – Kayelle Allen

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