Effing Feline lightens your quarantine 18 #QuarantineCats

I, Effing Feline, continue to bring smiles to your lockdown by showing the best medicine of all. Cat videos!

Check back tomorrow for another video.




  1. This one is very good!

    When we first met one of our recent cats, he and his litter mates were living in a huge refrigerator box. We were considering which, if any, of these cute kittens to adopt, when he literally jumped out of the box (easily 3 feet high) and into my arms.

    1. That reminds me of when Judi and I went to the animal shelter to maybe get a cat. Cages were stacked high; you could open them to get to know the cat inside. I opened one at face height. My arm was still raised, so this cat immediately walked along it to get to my shoulder and rub against my head while purring.

      Guess which cat we brought home!

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