Moving in utter silence #mfrwhooks

In last week’s snippet from my sci fi rom, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, Marianne met Quinn Lebatarde, wearing Captain Charleyjohn’s Royal Guardian uniform. For safety from a rebel attack, they’re in one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra Island. Charleyjohn is supposed to be her bodyguard. Here she begins to see him in action.

“Reese,” she began, “Prince Eaglesbrood, I mean, said I should trust you to protect me from whatever’s going on. He ordered me to obey you, if you can believe that.”

“Obey me? Now that’s interesting.”

“Not very. At his best, Reese has a commanding personality, but at his worst he’s just bossy, you know? But you do know him, of course, and I’ll bet he’s given you plenty of orders.” She took a deep breath and tried to rein in the alcohol that caused her to talk so much. “I’m rattling on and on, aren’t I? Sorry about that, but after the bomb blast—speaking of which, what’s the latest you’ve heard about it?”

Instead of answering, Charleyjohn thrust her behind him. “Get down!”

When she didn’t move fast enough, he grabbed her around the waist and plopped her down on her bottom. He was stronger than he looked.

“Wait here.” He did something to make the switchblade appear in his hand and then darted in a silent crouch toward the tunnel’s three-way intersection.

Only then did Marianne hear the furtive sounds, like the footsteps of a huge rat. Charleyjohn crouched deeper and edged forward, moving in utter silence. The footsteps slowed as they drew close to the intersection. Charleyjohn flattened himself against the wall and waited, knife at the ready.

‘Obey him?’ Interesting orders, considering Quinn’s a con man, not Captain Charleyjohn . . .

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Alien Contact for Kid Sisters

Fleeing murderous rebels, the queen’s sister finds a hero to save her.
Or is he kidnapping her, instead?

Marianne is sick of being just the kid sister of the famous queen of Kwadra Island. Although she daydreams about being a warrior, when rebels bomb the royal ball she’s shunted to one of the many tunnels that honeycomb Kwadra, where she awaits a captain of the valiant Royal Guardians.

Quinn, a scam artist fleeing the police, dons the uniform of a Royal Guardian killed by a tunnel collapse. When Marianne mistakes him for her bodyguard, Quinn can’t decide whether to save the feisty maiden, fall in love with her—or kidnap her. With bloodthirsty rebels pursuing them and a treasure map in his pocket, what will he choose?



  1. I like the way Quinn jumped into action to protect her, er, them.

    1. Yes, he definitely has a heroic side. Unlike your stereotypical hero, however, he also has other sides, as well, some of them less heroic.

  2. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Quinn is good at his job lol!

    1. He seems like a good bodyguard, so far.

  3. henhousepublishing · · Reply

    You used “rein” instead of “reign” and correctly, too. I think I love you for that.

    1. “I think I love you for that”? Whisper, please! I’m married.

  4. Good bit of action here. He’s an interesting con man

    1. ‘Bad boys’ like Quinn are a lot of fun to write.

  5. deesknight · · Reply

    I love the spark between these two!

    1. They do make for some interesting dialogue.

  6. I too like the spark between these two. Interesting characters. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tena!

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