Effing Feline renames himself #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, am snippeting from a book that Ed is revisiting, renaming, and re-covering, It used to be called The Midas Rush. Now it isn’t.  I’m feeling cantankerous — it’s been a whole hour since my last nap — so I’ll be effed if I tell you the new name right away.

Tresky Buffrum is a naive young shepherd from the mountains of the colony planet Jones. When he visited the planet’s largest city, population 50,000, for the first time, he married a woman he’d just met . . .  and overindulged in wine. The next morning, Tresky is awakened by a man wanting to sweep out the open-sided hovel in which he apparently spent his wedding night.

“Who . . .” Tresky swallowed a mouthful of wool and tried again. “Who are you . . . and where am I?” He ran a hand across the straw where he’d slept. “Where’s Ebbril?”

The bald man propped his hands atop the broom handle. “One: I’m Aram Vappu.”

Tresky cringed and whispered, “Not so loud.”

“Two: This is the Happy Louse Inn. And three: Is Ebbril the pale beauty who oversaw your delivery in a wheelbarrow last night?”

Effing Feline here again. In the spirit of bestowing new names, I think that henceforth I shall be called Efrem Thimbalist Jr — Efing (one ‘F’!) for short. What do you think?

And is it just me, or does a wheelbarrow ride sound like fun?

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you the book’s new name. The Midas Rush is now (or very soon will be) —

The Solid Gold Aliens

For 500 years, the aliens were no threat.

They were just waiting . . .


New title, new tagline. I like to think the new title conveys a bit more mystery — readers might be intrigued by solid gold anything, let alone golden aliens. After all, nobody knows what a ‘midas rush’ is unless they’ve already read the book.

Like the title, the new tagline focuses on the aliens rather than the main human characters and points to the main conflict.



  1. I think Tresky has me beat. I tied it on pretty hard back in the day, but I never ended up being brought home in a wheelbarrow!

    1. I suspect this isn’t an accomplishment he’s going to be particularly proud of.

  2. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Effing is right a wheelbarrow ride does sound fun. The new title and tagline is interesting. Good luck with sales!

    1. Thanks — and I mirror the wish for great sales right back to you, too. I’m grateful for all the best wishes I can get.

  3. Hello, Ed – Happy New Year!

    So is this book out now? Sounds quite different from most of your titles I’ve read.

    And isn’t Effing always in a cantankerous mood?

    1. You notice the difference? Good for you, Lisabet. This is science fiction with elements of romance, rather than sci fi romance. It’s a bit more serious than my more recent work.

      It’s currently available as The Midas Rush but the name will be changed to The Solid Gold Aliens after I get my real computer (new enough and powerful enough to handle graphics) back from the shop next week. Son #3 and I are collaborating on a new cover despite the 6000 miles between us — Brett recently moved from Toronto to Amsterdam. I can’t finalize the cover until I have a decent machine rather than an old relic.

  4. This sounds like a good read. I like the teeny smattering of character in Aram. Makes me wonder if he’ll be a recurring character in the story.

    Effing, next thing you’ll be donning an investigator’s garb and working sunset strip. 😉

    1. Another person with a long memory!

  5. Charmaine Gordon · · Reply

    You are terrific with this new story. Love it big time. My computer is sick so I wrote a short tale about my background. Best always to you, Ed

    1. Thanks, Charmaine!

  6. Happy New Year, Ed and Effing! This snippet is quite informative, especially that last question. 🙂 Your characters are drawing me into the story at warp speed!

    1. “Warp speed.” Could this author of historical tales set two hundred years ago be a Star Trek fan?

  7. Well done – the excerpt, the log line, the new title, and of course Effine Feline rocks!

    1. Only one ‘f’ in Efing now, remember?

  8. LOL! A wheelbarrow. Now THAT you’d think he’d remember (not that she’ll ever let him forget!). This is definitely going on my TBR list for 2020!

    1. You prove yet again that you are a woman of excellent taste, Nancy!

  9. Oh he had a good time – being brought home in a wheelbarrow.
    Happy New Year. It’s great to be back reading everyone’s snippets.

    1. Happy New Year, Daryl, and welcome back.

  10. Hywela Lyn · · Reply

    Happy New Year, Ed and Effing,and congratulations on what looks like being another blockbuster of a story. Love the picture of the cat and the wheelbarrow. Perhaps this is one way Ed could push you around Effing and you’d enjoy it (or should that be the other way around?)

    1. In years gone by, back when I had acreage (and that horse I mentioned), I’d ride my son around in the wheelbarrow. Now I have no acreage, no wheelbarrow, and no sons who aren’t taller than I am!

  11. Well, at least he remembers her name. Wonder if she’ll come back?

    1. I LOVE that first sentence of yours! Yes, it is a miracle, eh?

  12. Diane Burton · · Reply

    A wheelbarrow??? He really tied one on. Happy Louse motel? What a name. What’s with Effing lately? He either needs a good nap or an attitude adjustment.

  13. What do you mean, what’s with Effing LATELY? He always needs an attitude adjustment.

  14. He was brought home in a wheelbarrow. What a night! That made me chuckle.

    1. Yeah, he had a pretty wild wedding night . . . except that he wasn’t brought ‘home’. He was brought to the Happy Louse Inn. There’s a difference!

  15. Clearly, he had quite the night. LOL And a wheelbarrow ride does sound fun!

    1. Riding a wheelbarrow isn’t fun compared to what he’d expected to do on his wedding night.

  16. Emily Wrayburn · · Reply

    Now I’m imagining a legless person being lugged into a wheelbarrow. I imagine the ride would have been pretty bumpy but he probably was too far gone to notice. Great excerpt!

    1. Legless? No. Drunk? Yes.

      1. Emily Wrayburn · ·

        I was using ‘legless’ to mean drunk but perhaps that’s more of a regional slang word than I realised…

      2. Ah, I see. I looked it up on Urban Dictionary dot com, which says it’s primarily British usage.

  17. He must’ve been right out of it not to remember the wheelbarrow ride. But that just lends itself to more questions of why she would do that to her newly-married husband. What’s her angle?

    1. You’ve picked up on the important point — she definitely has an angle.

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