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I, Effing Feline, told you last week that Mr Valentine — the book Ed inspired, not my pet — has been turned into a graphic novel. The book answers a question that I know has been keeping all of my fans up at night. Namely, what would Mr V look like if his dad was Japanese?

See the shocking answer after this word from my sponsor, Alien Contact for a Christmas Nutcracker.

Holly Jansen has gone to Kwadra, an alien island transported to the Pacific off the coast of Washington from an alternate Earth. She calls her brother, Paul, on a phone that’s right next to a tall, dark and handsome Kwadran who doesn’t leave to give her privacy. The last snippet ended with him telling her to stand up for herself. “Straighter!” Startled, she snapped to attention.

“Yes, like that, except –”

His eyes were definitely sparkling with humor. She held her breath, wary of what would come out of his mouth next.

“Except with me — to me, you should always be soft, compliant, and female, agreed?”

“Uh . . .no?”

“Very good answer, very soft.” He suddenly stood straighter, making her jerk back to attention. “Never quit, Holly Jansen.”

“How do you know who I am? Who are you?”

Effing Feline here again. Ed’s dad was Flemish, which makes sense because he coughs up a lot of it. Cat allergies, he claims, to which I say “Bah, humbug!” But here’s what he’d look like if Grandpa Al had been Japanese.

I, Effing Feline, hereby give you permission to laugh at all versions of him!

When you’re done rolling of the floor laughing your @ss off, visit the other great writers in Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.

Alien Contact for a Christmas Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ballet — for and by aliens?!?

Holly Jansen, a young orchestra conductor down on her luck, is secretly hired by the king from an alternate Earth to conduct The Nutcracker on Kwadra Island as a Christmas present for his American wife. This big break seems like a Christmas miracle — but after meeting the lead dancer, she wonders if it’s a curse, instead.

Because the Kwadran queen has secretly ordered superstar dancer Rafael Sekwa to produce a potlatch dance honoring her husband’s ancestors — on the same date, time, and stage as The Nutcracker. The stubborn genius is determined to do it no matter what, and Holly finds her goals and ambitions melting in the face of her growing admiration. Will love cost her all her dreams?

Click the cover pic below to learn how Mr. Valentine came about.



  1. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    I’m very curious as to how he knows her. An intriguing snippet!

    1. Creating these snippets has really brought home to me that writing should constantly be evoking small questions such as this one. This isn’t a major plot point, but it still serves to raise a tiny “itch” in the reader’s mind.

  2. Hi, Ed! You definitely know how to build suspense. Using such short snippets is a great technique.

    Meanwhile, you can tell Effing that I don’t find those images funny at all. They’re both quite romantic!

    1. Effing would consider a pile of catnip or a bowl of salmon to be a romantic image.

  3. I agree, intriguing indeed. I wonder, too, how he knows her … and why he’s toying with her.

    1. I never spell out how she knows, but looking at it logically — he knows an American conductor named Holly Jansen will be coming to conduct the orchestra, so when he meets an American woman he makes the logical deduction.

  4. What an interesting snippet. Long may she wave!

    1. This snippet presages a lot of what she will learn during the course of the book.

  5. Such a tease with this playful meet. I’m going to enjoy these characters!

    1. I sure hope so, Nancy!

  6. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    I wonder who that stranger is? Intriguing. And oh my Effing feline had me laughing

    1. Ah, he’s the hero. Can’t you tell?

  7. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Love this snippet. Such contradictions. Yes, make us want to read more. Better yet, each snippet should make readers want to buy the book to find out what’s next. After all, don’t we deserve to give ourselves a Christmas gift?

    1. And don’t I deserve to get the Christmas gift of your purchase? (Don’t answer that!!!)

  8. This Kwadran guy needs some educating. But it’s fascinating to see where the story will lead and how she’ll cope and grow through the experiences you’re giving her!

    1. Different worlds, different mores. They both have a lot to learn.

  9. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    “Except with me — to me, you should always be soft, compliant, and female, agreed?” Uh…no. 😀 I’m with her. I’m off for the holidays, but I’ll see you and Effing in 2020!

    1. Yes, he’s being arrogant, but he’s also indicating his interest in her.

  10. Yeah, that compliant line really deserves a punch to the snout. Hopefully he will redeem himself quickly.

    1. Well, fairly quickly. It is, after all, a novella.

  11. Such a funny guy – she’ll either love him or hate him.

    1. He’s rather pushy and arrogant at first, but he ends up being humbled.

  12. Her answer may have been soft, but it certainly wasn’t compliant.

    And I really love your alien cultures.

    1. It may be alien, but I didn’t have to make it up from whole cloth. I taught in Kwakiutl Indian country at one time, and I used those experiences in this series.

  13. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    So now we wonder how he knows her. Intriguing excerpt that makes you want to read more.

    1. I’m glad to know this. Thanks!.

  14. How does he know her? I’m intrigued!

  15. Intriguing character. Has he been sent to fetch her, and that’s how he knows her?

    1. Not exactly, no.

  16. Well, Effing and Mr. V., I’m as curious as the others.

    1. Curious people follow my blog, it seems.

  17. Love her answer.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

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