Happy Halloween to you!

Joyeux Halloween !

Out of curiosity, do you say HALoween or HOLLOween?

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is my favorite piece from Fantasia, but speaking as an orchestral musician, I hate playing it. I asked a top-notch professional oboist for help with the music. She just scowled and said “That whole page is unplayable!”

You’ll have to click the link to see Mickey as the sorcerer. The Disney Corporation, in their greedy, joy-sucking megalomania, won’t allow us ordinary folks to embed their videos; they have to control every bloody view. You know what’s one of the most horrible, rapacious monsters of our age? The Disney Corporation!

But Mickey as the Sorcerer is great, so click the link.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Fantasia



  1. I don’t get to see or hear this kind of thing anymore since I don’t have little kids around. I think my youngest (grown son) watches Disney though and other cartoons. Nice sound. How do you say Halloween?

    1. I say it HAL. My wife used to say it HOLLOW, but when she moved to Canada and became a teacher, the children giggled and laughed at that pronunciation, so now she says HAL also, even though we moved to the States.

  2. Happy All Saints Day…

    1. Interesting, isn’t it, that our culture cares little for what used to be the more important day, All Saints Day, and instead focusses on the negative day that precedes it?

  3. I say HALloween. Also “I hope there won’t be any trick or treaters.” ‘;-)
    Actually, there were six and I didn’t mind. All very nice kids. My son and I have moved to a very small rural town of 154 people. I wasn’t expecting any costumed kiddies, but a group of two boys and then four girls paid a visit. Fortunately, I had a box of Rice Krispies treats.
    I don’t mind Halloween. It’s the one day I can walk down the street and when the people scream and recoil in horror, it’s positive.

    1. Forty some years ago, Judi and I lived in a town pretty much that exact same size — but we had lots of trick and treaters because were were the teachers in the town’s two-room log school. LOL about your extremely modest stroll down the street.

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