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I, Effing Feline, am hissed at Ed. Before you say that’s nothing new, let me tell you that this time I have a really good reason. Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker features a valiant and long-suffering cat named Thug. Several people have commented that they love Thug.

But does the brand new cover depict Thug? No, no, no no nononono!

Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker is a Christmas novella and the 6th installment of the Alien Contact for Idiots series. Last week, Holly Jansen got locked out of her apartment because her roommate made off with her part of the rent money. She’s torturing her poor cat, Thug (love that name!) by dragging his carrier through winter rain.

Eventually, the cat carrier was buckled into the passenger seat and she was sitting, and dripping, in the driver’s seat.

“There, didn’t I tell you?” she said, her teeth chattering.

Thug yowled, a piteous cry of despair that made her throat tighten with pain. She’d done nothing to deserve getting locked out of her apartment but Thug really, really didn’t deserve this.

She put the key in the ignition and turned it. The starter clicked.

Not started, just clicked.

She tried again, then again, but it didn’t even click. This wasn’t the first time the car had failed to start in the rain, but it was the worst time.

The worst of times . . . 

Effing Feline here again. The book’s cover just got revealed, if you’re interested. You probably won’t be, because there’s no cat. Hiss!

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Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker

They both need a Christmas miracle

Holly Jansen, a young orchestra conductor down on her luck, is secretly hired by an alien king to conduct The Nutcracker on Kwadra Island as a Christmas present for his American wife. This big break seems like a Christmas miracle, but after she meets the lead dancer, she wonders if it’s a curse, instead . . .

. . . because the Kwadran queen has secretly ordered superstar dancer Rafael Sekwa to produce a potlatch dance honoring her husband’s ancestors — on the same date, time, and stage as The Nutcracker. The stubborn genius is determined to do so, no matter what, and Holly finds her ambition melting in the face of her growing admiration . . . and love.

Coming soon — October 21!
Pre-order your copy at:



  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Effing.

    I think having a cat on the cover would increase sales!

    1. I don’t know about that. Amazon has pretty strict rules about nudity, and showing a pussy(cat) with no clothes might get the book yanked.

  2. Teresa Cypher · · Reply

    Poor Thug…

    Dang, you know, Ed, you’ve done a great job of pulling in the reader, of having them empathize, I mean… For example, just look at Effing. You have him hissing mad. 😉

    1. Well, I don’t want to make my readers angry. Effing, it’s fine if I get his fur up, but not my readers.

  3. Poor kitty! Mine hate the carrier on a GOOD day! I’m hooked, as always and LOVE a Christmas story, especially novellas that I can devour like those mini candy canes. Off to One Click . . .

    1. Too often, carriers mean a trip to the vet.

  4. Ed, You always give me a major laugh. And what becomes of the lady as her car stalls?

    1. You have to read on to find out, that’s what.

  5. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Poor Thug first getting crammed in a carrier, rain and now the car won’t start. I agree with effing about the no cat on the cover though. It would have been cute to see Thug.

    1. Thug’s picture would’ve had to be a snarling cat, mouth open, ears back, fangs bared. I’m not sure that would’ve drawn in the buyers.

  6. I have sooo been there with a car that only clicks (I always get an image of the movie Cujo). This is going from bad to worse and I’m afraid worse is going to go even further south. This lady needs some Christmas magic and fast. Great snippet, Ed!

    1. Some of that Christmas magic is coming her way, never fear.

  7. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    A beautiful cover! But it’s too bad Thug isn’t on it.

    At least they made it into the car, but not a good situation if they can’t go anywhere.

    1. Not only can’t they drive anywhere, they can’t use the car’s heater.

  8. When it rains it pours…oh wait, it’s already pouring outside for your poor character LOL! She’s got qwuite the set of challenges going on and the poor cat too…great snippet.

    1. Although in real life I’m a kind and gentle soul (Effing, stop laughing!), I quite enjoyed piling misery atop misery onto poor Holly.

  9. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Thug is really living a thug life. I think Thug needs a hug. The last line made me chuckle. It’s like the thug version of a Tale of Two Cities.

    1. Great minds think alike, because a page or two on, Holly will think the same thing about a Thug hug, with rather humorous results.

  10. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Poor Thug. Poor Holly! One mishap after another. Love the new cover.

  11. Hywela Lyn · · Reply

    I can certainly identify with that click-start (or non-start) our ancient 4 x 4 just loves to tease us that way. Poor Thug – and I too love the cover despite it not having a pwdy cat on the cover – such a shame we have to make do with a hunky feller!

    (Guess what just dropped into my in-box? I’m going to try to save it until Christmas to get me in the festive mood – although I might well not be able to wait that long!)
    Congratulations on your release day!

    1. I was thinking of the Vauxhall I had many years ago. It didn’t like to start in the rain either, and we lived in rainy Vancouver at the time. A British car that didn’t like the rain — how is that even legal? Thanks for the king words, Lyn!

  12. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Someone’s having a really bad day. And so is Thug.

    1. Not just a bad day – a terrible horrible no good very bad day!

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