Ready for a Christmas Miracle? #mfrwhooks

It’s October, so new book today!

Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker, a holiday novella, is the sixth installment in my Alien Contact for Idiots series. It’s been marinating in my cerebrospinal fluid for a few years now. While sitting in the orchestra pit, playing for live performances of The Nutcracker, I started wondering what a performance for and by aliens would be like. Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker is the result.

Instead of a snippet, I’m giving you two things intended to hook a reader into buying.

  1. The back-cover blurb.
  2. A “travel brochure” that I create as an extra marketing piece.

Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker

They both need a Christmas miracle

Holly Jansen, a young orchestra conductor down on her luck, is secretly hired by an alien king to conduct The Nutcracker on Kwadra Island as a Christmas present for his American wife. This big break seems like a Christmas miracle . . . but after she meets the lead dancer, she wonders if it’s a curse, instead —

Because the Kwadran queen has secretly ordered idealistic loner Rafe Sekwa to produce a potlatch dance as her husband’s  Christmas present, to honor his ancestors — on same day and time as Holly’s Nutcracker! Rafe is determined to do so no matter what, and Holly finds her ambition melting in the face of her growing admiration . . . and love.

Then Rafe asks Holly to pretend to be his lover to make another woman jealous. When the magic of Christmas conspires to make the playacting feel too real, Holly tries to back out of the concert. But is it too late for escape– and for her heart?

This is just a draft, so feel free to nitpick. In particular, I’m thinking of dropping the last paragraph. What do you think?

Alien Contact for an Enhanced Nutcracker will be available October 21, 2019. I’ll get you the pre-order links next week.

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  1. I believe the last paragraph gives too much away.

    1. Good to know. Thanks!

  2. henhousepublishing · · Reply

    The “fake girlfriend/boyfriend” aspect is pretty tired. I’d suggest dropping that.

    1. That’s two votes against the last paragraph. Thanks!

  3. On a visceral level, I like the last paragraph. But thinking about it, I agree with Janet that it does let the cat out of the bag (sorry, Effin Feline) a little too much.

    1. No need to apologize to Effing. He doesn’t like being kept in a bag.

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