Effing Feline congratulates Ed (yawn) #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, love birds. Preferably filleted and sauteed.

Our dining nook has a wall of glass, making it easy for me to curl up and watch meals-on-wings flutter around the bird feeder. I watch them and daydream stories of a great tabby hunter. My stories are much better than Ed’s. More blood and gore! Nonetheless, he insists I tell you that Love thy Galactic Enemy is now available for sale! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am! (Snore)

The heroine of Galactic Enemy, currently calling herself “Lou,” knocks out a guy she thinks is an intruder, then discovers he’s an innocent (and seriously ill) new roommate. He has taken a sleeping pill and she’s been vaccinated against his disease, so Lou has the courage to crawl under the covers with him.

After several breaths, Lou shifted closer until their bodies touched at the knees. She lay still and concentrated on his breathing: slow and even. Each breath reminded her she wasn’t alone, reassured her that tomorrow she might earn his forgiveness, promised hope.

The kinship she felt for him was ridiculous…but strong. She raised her hand to touch his arm, but then lowered it to her side.

Did she dare hold him?

It wasn’t really a matter of daring, it was a matter of need—she needed to feel she wasn’t alone. Without someone to cling to, she might shatter into dust no one would recognize had ever been a human, and no one would miss her. Just sweep her up and dump her in the dustbin.

With a muffled groan, she put her arm around his waist and scooted against him.

Effing Feline here again. What’s the big deal about a book going live? I mean, it’s not really alive. You can’t eat it. Going live obviously isn’t very satisfying even to Ed, because he’s already gone and worked on another book.  Anyway, congratulations, Ed (yawn). Hope you finally, finally, finally got one right so you can quit this nonsense and become a normal, beer-swilling pet human.

PS – Do any of you know how to text Uber to “deliver hummingbirds al a barbecue?”

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Love thy Galactic Enemy

Abandoned to the enemy’s tender mercy

Minta Streave, the naive secretary for a spy team that spread a man-made plague, leaves the planet too late — the team abandons her on the enemy’s space station. She’s must fend for herself until she can contact an elusive spy, Watcher, to take her home. To forestall arrest, she nurses a plague victim — a gentle, whimsical man who quotes Lewis Carroll. But to know this enemy is to love him . . .

When Finn Shanwing falls ill, he doesn’t intend to hide that he’s a high-ranking commando. Nor does he intend to fall in love with the secretive nurse who saves his life. By the time he reveals to Minta that she saved an enemy officer, it’s too late for his heart — or hers. Also too late to escape the wrath of Watcher, half-human, half-machine, and both halves obsessed with her.



  1. Hummingbirds really aren’t worth the effort, Effing. They’re barely a mouthful.

    1. Good point. How about a turkey?

      Or even better . . . north of town is a place that raises ostriches. Yum!

  2. Teresa Cypher · · Reply

    Ha! See, she’s not dust, headed to some dustbin in the hinterlands of space. 🙂 Good snippet, Ed!

    Effing, I’ve been saying for a long time that YOU need to be the star of a novel, but your pet human just isn’t getting it done. lol

    1. You have indeed, Teresa, and I have not. Mea Culpa.

  3. Even Effing Feline has to admit there are some terrific lines there. Right, Effing? Sounds great, Ed.

    1. Effing says he does NOT have to admit anything that might be widely accepted by the mainstream media. The reports of “terrific lines” are all fake news!

  4. Carole Anne Carr MA · · Reply

    No don’t know how to contact Uber, but I’m sure meals on wheels does 🤗

    1. Problem is, he’s looking for meals on wings.

  5. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Congratulations on your new release!! And I hope you’re healing well!

    I love the snippets you’ve shared so far, but I’m so curious as to what her roommate thinks when he wakes up.

    1. And — a key point — what he’ll remember.

  6. You kept me in suspense regarding ‘would she or won’t she. Regarding your shoulder surgery, I’ve had two in a few months. All I can say is YIKES! Painful and it takes months to heal with lots of exercises. Love your stories!

    1. Should surgery makes it damned hard to type. One-fingered hunt and peck is for people who write flash fiction, not novels.

  7. Surely pigeons would give a more substantial meal!
    Poor Lou – so desperate for human touch that she’ll snuggle up to a sleeping man.

    1. I’m glad it comes across as desperation, rather than creepiness.

  8. julieevelynjoyce · · Reply

    Hooray! Happy release to you, my friend! This book is a surefire winner! 🙂

    Pssst, Effing…I prefer my birds to be filleted and sauteed, too.

    1. Or roasted. Don’t forget turkey dinner!

  9. Awww, a sweet snippet…best wishes on the New release! Always exciting…

    1. Thanks so much for having Love thy Galactic Enemy front and center on your weekly New Releases tweet!

  10. Congrats on the release (what does Effing know. It’s ALWAYS a big deal!). Wonderful scene, Ed, displaying her fear and need for contact and connection.

    1. Big deal for me; a noticeable deal for my sales, though not as big a deal as I might wish.

  11. Very poignant scene, and so human to crave physical contact. I do wonder what he’ll think when he wakes up!

    Effing, I don’t think hummingbirds are worth the effort. Maybe Ed will let you raise some nice plump parakeets.

    1. What he thinks depends on who wakes up first.

  12. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    Congratulations Ed! feed that feline some chicken! LOL

    1. He prefers salmon. I don’t he really knows what birds are all about.

  13. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Congrats on the new release, Ed. My heart hurt reading of her loneliness. Such a tender scene even if he wasn’t aware of what was going on. I just started reading the book (so nice of Amazon to drop it in my iPad). lol Such a great beginning. Only the lateness of the hour made me put it down. Until tonight.

    Effing, come on over. There’s a crane in our pond that would taste mighty good.

    1. Sometimes I have a hard time maintaining my good beginnings into good middles etc. Let’s hope I managed it this time.

  14. Loved the tender moment. Congrats on the new release!!

    1. A very one-sided tender moment!

  15. Loneliness must be a huge problem out in space. You paint the picture of hers extremely well. Bravo!

    Effing–try cornish game hens. Still small, but lots more meat. You just have to get Ed to cook it for you.

    Congrats on the release and best of luck on your recovery!

    1. But I (Ed) will have only one wing for a month or two. In the meantime, I’m not cooking anything!

  16. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    Nice excerpt! I can really feel her emotions.

    1. Great. There is a real element of barely controlled panic inside her right about now.

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