Music Monday -The operation #MFRWauthor

Marin Marais

I just had an operation on my shoulder. We tend to think of such things as modern, but not so! (Operations, not shoulders!)

The French bassist and composer, Marin Marais, had an operation nearly 300 years ago, in 1725 — and he wrote music describing it. As a subject for a tune, that’s . . . yuck!



  1. Cathy Brockman · · Reply

    That is a yucky subject. I could not imagine surgery back then! It is bad enough now. Get well soon!

    1. Imagine being awake during the surgery. Yikes!

  2. Hope you’re recovering well and are not in too much pain.

    And happy release day!

    1. Yes it is release day for Love thy Galactic Enemy. Would you believe I almost forgot?

  3. I stayed with my youngest son to help him along after he had shoulder surgery. Sleeping was impossible since he couldn’t lie down. This music fits! Get well soon, Ed, and happy release day!

    1. My adjustable bed is great for this situation.

      1. Yes, I can see where it would be, Ed. Great idea.

  4. Carole Anne Carr MA · · Reply

    Don’t think anyone would object today, about it sounding horrible, they would just think it had been written recently by one of the young classical composers 🤗

    1. You’re saying musicians these days have no sense of propriety?

  5. Ed, I hope everything went well and you have a full recovery. May Effie keep you company and in good spirits. Yes, music helps. You can have someone else change Effie litter box for a while lol.

    1. In three months, yes, I should have a full recovery. Sigh.

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