Music Monday #MFRWauthor

Today’s post of heavenly music features the Faroe Islands Philharmonic Orchestra. Do you have any idea how astonishingly impressive that is?

The Faroe Islands are one of the most remote, sparsely inhabited places in the western hemisphere. A mere 49,000 people are scattered over 779 subpolar islands. Faroe is 690 km from Iceland, which most people consider very isolated. Yet Faroe has its own symphony orchestra!

Finding enough musicians for a Philharmonic — and an audience — in such a tiny country is a major feat. Clearly not every country shares the US’s snobbish disdain for any music that isn’t Country or Rock ‘n’ Roll.

And the Academy Award nominated oboe solo, from a 1986 movie, is sublime.



  1. The music is beautiful. I’ve always loved the sound of an Oboe.

    1. Ah, but then you’ve never heard me play the oboe!

      1. We need to hear you then. 🙂

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