Effing Feline honors Felicette the cat #wewriwa

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I, Effing Feline, am about to reveal the TRUE STORY of space exploration, inspired by the recent 50th anniversary of reaching the moon. I won’t use mere words, either. Words, after all, are a human invention and thus flawed. Instead, I’ll use photos and historical footage to show that cats are the true astronauts . . . though the correct word is astrocat!

I have more proof, but first, today’s commercial (yawn) from my sponsor. Love thy Galactic Enemy, Ed’s sci fi romance, will be available September 8.

Lou has been abandoned on a space station orbiting the enemy’s planet. She gets ‘adopted’ by a stray pet — a furry, rat-sized mizzet whom she calls Brainless for choosing a destitute woman. Later, when a guy enters her flophouse room in the middle of the night , Lou leaps at him from the top bunk and knocks him out.

But he’s her new roommate, not an attacker. Oops.

Up on the top bunk, Brainless growled a pitiful little squeak. Forgetting it couldn’t fly, the mizzet leaped, seeming to copying her by aiming for the intruder’s head. It missed and thumped to the floor in a rolling jumble of fur that should, but probably wouldn’t, convince the mizzet it was neither bird nor tree cougar. Undeterred, it crept toward the fallen man, its fur standing on end.

The defiant way it stretched out its nose to sniff the intruder reminded Lou of a childhood pet, Katy Kat. One day a colleague of her father’s had brought his Orion Bullhound, a hulking tyrant of a canine who pranced into their small stone house like he owned it.  When Jesus — the owner, a minister like her father, had actually named his dog Jesus — sashayed too close to the chair where Katy sat, she calmly scratched the dog’s nose. For the rest of the visit, the bullhound was scared of Katy and didn’t bother her.

The memory cheered Lou. Maybe by pouncing on the intruder, she’d accomplish the same thing. Maybe this guy would leave her alone, maybe?

Effing Feline here again. Here’s 56-year-old historical footage celebrating Felicette, the first cat in space. (If you don’t understand French, here’s Wikipedia.)

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Love thy Galactic Enemy

Abandoned to the enemy’s tender mercy

Minta, the reserved secretary for a spy team that spread a man-made plague, leaves the planet too late — the team abandons her on the enemy’s space station. She’s forced to fend for herself until she can make contact with an elusive spy, Watcher, who can take her home. To avoid arrest, she nurses a plague victim — a gentle, whimsical man who spouts Lewis Carroll. But to know this enemy is to love him . . .

When Finn Shanwing falls ill, he doesn’t intend to hide that he’s a high-ranking commando. Neither does he intend to fall in love with the secretive nurse who saves his life . . . but by the time he reveals to Minta she saved an enemy commando, it’s too late for his heart. Or hers. Also too late to escape the wrath of Watcher — half-human, half-machine, and both halves obsessed with her.

Love thy Galactic Enemy is available for pre-order, so order yours now:



  1. I wonder what the “intruder” will think of his two bristling roommates?

    1. Read on to discover.

  2. Ed, you always crack me up with all your mischief. The characters are wonderful and there is endless humor I so enjoy.

    1. My wife is of the opinion that Love they Galactic Enemy is more serious than some of my books.

  3. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    The mizzet is very entertaining! Though I’m curious what her new roommate will think about being knocked out.

    1. Creatures called mizzets are referenced in Linnea Sinclair’s excellent SFRs, and I borrowed the term (with Linnea’s approval) in book one of this series, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. This is the first book in which mizzets actually play a role, and Linnea says she’s looking forward to what I’ve done with the little buggers.

  4. I think the poor guy will probably ask for a new roommate! Fun snippet.

    1. At a minimum, you’d think.

  5. I think the new roommate is in for an entertaining time. I know I am!

    1. It’s almost as though you’d read the whole passage through and remember what she is (and isn’t) wearing.

  6. Teresa Cypher · · Reply

    I like the way she remembers the cat from her youth. It gave me a good visual for the mizzet. 🙂

    Effing, I’m still not convinced. Methinks you have Photoshop Pro. 😉

    1. Nah, Effing can’t use Photoshop. He keeps eating the mouse.

  7. Maybe this roommate will request a transfer after this dubious welcome! Love the mizzet! Fearless if Brainless. Great snippet!

    1. Readers really seem to be hard-wired to like small, cuddly animals . . . and to fear large, ferocious ones.

  8. Enjoyed the snippet – you make the mizzet sound very real to me. And of course it would haveto be Astrocats for Effing! Always fun to come read your posts!

    1. I’m glad the mizzet has come to life, because little ol’ Brainless has an important role to play in this story.

  9. I always enjoy your snippets. I’m loving the mizzet! A for the poor roommate, probably not so much.lol

    1. The name of this chapter is “The Miserable Roommate.” Appropriate, no?

  10. Hywela Lyn · · Reply

    Love the pictures of the astrocats, Effing, not sure if I approve of what the French did to the cats they sent into space though, although perhaps we’d better gloss over that, I wouldn’t want to upset you as I know you’re very sensitive. (A bit like a mizzet really). I love Brainless already. What a great snippet!

    1. You aren’t alone in your feelings about the French experiment. Back in 1963, the public outcry over what the French did to Felicette was so great that after one more feline trip, they cancelled using cats.

  11. Diane Burton · · Reply

    WTG, Astrocat!

    That poor guy has quite the roommates. LOL at the mizzet. Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Yeah, he sure lucked in with his new roomies.

  12. Elaine Cantrell · · Reply

    I like the mizzen. Too bad about the roommate.

    1. Well, at least she didn’t kill her new roomie.

  13. LOL re the mizzet. The new roommate hopefully knows what’s coming to him.

    1. ‘What’s coming to him’ is revenge on the heroine for getting jumped on without provocation. Is that really what you want?

  14. […] Feline here again. In last week’s post we met Lou’s pet mizzet. Now for my wonderful footnote explaining the pet’s […]

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